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check starter connection,if 12 volts there probably bad starter

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Q: Why will 95 Chevy s-10 not start battery is new everything appears to power up fine but there is no clicking of the selinoid or starter?
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After changing the starter relay the selinoid why wont it start?

check your wiring to selinoid and relay and battery posts also make sure plugs and or wires are good and check the battery

Where is the cylinoid located on a sportser?

Depends on the year, but basicaly, there will be a large wire/cable comming off the starter, follow that as it goes DIRECTLY to the selinoid... on the selinoid, you will see another large wire/cable..that goes directly to the POS on the can also follow the large cable comming off the POS battery post, and find the selinoid...

Clicking noise due to low battery?

Charge or replace the battery.

1992 Ford Festiva will not start and there is clicking but that's it How do you know if its the starter battery or alternator?

If there is clicking, that means the car has power from the battery so the altenator and the battery are good. I would suggest that the starter is gone bad. It will eventually grind away to where there is no clicking.

Why is smoke alarm clicking?

new battery

Toyota MR2 wont start clicking noise whentrying What is wrong?

dead battery or bad starter (with the clicking, I'm 95% sure its the battery)

What is wrong when a battery clicks and will not start?

If you are talking about a car engine and battery then it is not the battery that is clicking. It is in all probability the solenoid.

Clicking sound when new battery and alternator?

That is not a question.

Truck won't start because battery is dead and there is a clicking in fuse box?

Are you positive the battery is dead? Have you tried to jump start it? That clicking could be the starter relay.

Clicking noise while starting car?

If just clicking and not starting, most likely a dead battery.

Car will not start clicking when turning the key?

Dead battery or dirty/loose battery connection.

What if your car makes a clicking sound when you try to crank it?

If your car makes a clicking sound when you try to start it, try to jump the battery. If that starts it, check the electrical system and if it was the battery, replace the battery. If jumping it does not fix it, have a mechanic look at it.

Why do Saturn's have a clicking sound that is making the battery go died?

In my case I have a 1999 SL1 and the clicking sounds where the relays for the electric door locks. I removed them and I have not have the battery drained. I have not replaced them yet.

Dodge Durango won't start battery ok clicking noise but then stopped clicking?

check your battery then the connections if it still wont start try changing the starter solenoid if possible

Why jaguar xjs will not start after a series of clicking noises but battery and headlights work?

Replace battery cable.

What is it when the tail lights stay on and interior lights stay on and make clicking sound on 94 stealth?

The engine is clicking with all of the interior lights on? Dead battery... and for future reference... if there is no clicking= really dead battery and it might not recharge. In that case check the alternator, if the alternator is still good, just buy a new battery. If the battery continues to fail to recharge get a new alternator.

Wont start makes clicking noise when you turn it over?

Does the engine turn over and then make the clicking noise while trying to start, or does it not do anything but make the clicking noise when you turn the key. If its not turning over at all then it might be a battery problem, Try cleaning the battery terminals, and/or charge the battery, Could also be the starter solenoid, but start with the battery first.

Why does your starter just make a clicking noise?

If it is a single click, the problem is either a loose battery cable or a faulty starter relay/solenoid. If the symptom is rapid clicking, the battery is probaly low.

Why is harley Davidson engine clicking when trying to start?

Low Battery

Clicking noise when starting engine?

The Battery is shot and you need to replace it.

Clicking noise when trying to start vehicle?

Maybe flat battery?

Why is the starter clicking and not cranking in a 1996 Chrysler cirrus?

Discharged battery.

Why does your focus make a clicking sound when the key is turned but the enginedoesnt turn over?

Bad Battery: the clicking is the starter solenoid relay making contact but the battery is not putting out enough amps to turn the starter

Why is a 1997 Toyota Corolla battery clicking?

More than likely you have corrosion at the terminals. Clean the battery terminals and then recharge the battery and see what happens.

When you try to start your 2001 impala it just makes this clicking noise?

typically a clicking noise indicated that you don't have enough power from the battery to turn the starting motor. try cleaning the battery terminals with baking soda and water, then charging the battery. dirty terminals or a dirty battery top will drain the battery causing starting problems.