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Greetings I hope this will be of a help. I recently witness the same problem with my brothers car and I found out the alternator was bad. and it pretty easy to change yourself with the right tools it took me about 30 mins.

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2007-07-21 22:11:01
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When a battery is hooked up to a battery charger how do you know when a 12v battery is fully charged?

The meter on your battery charger will be in the green

How do you hook up a charger to a lawnmower battery?

A charger is hooked up to a lawnmower battery by attaching the red lead to the positive terminal and the black lead to the negative terminal. The charger is then set to 6 or 12 volts depending on the battery and turned on.

How do you hook up a charger to a 98 Monte Carlo battery?

A charger is hooked to a 98 Monte Carlo battery by attaching the positive lead to the positive battery post and the negative lead to a strong ground. The charger is set to the desired rate and plugged in.

What happens when you charge a car battery on the wrong polarity?

You can't recharge it hooked up in reverse. You will destroy the battery or the charger if you try it.

97 astro that shorts out the battery charger when hooked up.?

Disconnect battery from vehicle - if this still happens battery is probably shorted internally and requires replacement

What will happen if you hook up a battery charger backwards to a boat battery?

It depends on the battery charger. Some chargers will detect that they're hooked up backwards and do nothing. More than likely though it will dis-charge the battery pretty quickly, and probably damage it.

When battery charger was hooked to the battery the plastic on the terminal started to melt what was the cause of this?

Too much current was flowing which caused an overheating problem. Can be the battery has a dead cell, or you reversed the cables.

Can you use a jump box to charge a car battery that's not in a car For example have the car battery hooked up to the jump box for a few hours inside my garage Or do I need an actual batt charger?

A jump box will only partially charge the battery. You need a charger to fully charge the battery.

Can you charge a battery out of a car?

depends if the battery does not have at least 4 volts in it then ,you will have to find an old time charger Chargers of today have to have a 4 volt signal from the battery being charged to the charger to turn on. You can trick it by putting a battery with at least 4 volts in it and then hook the other battery to the one already hooked up . Hook them parallel charger positive to battery positive and batteryu positive to other battery positive neg same way You do not have to remove battery from car to charge it

How do you hook up a battery charger on a 1935 ford pickup?

The first thing you need to know is if the truck is still the original six volt system or not. The charger is still hooked pos to pos, neg to neg regardless of whether it is pos or neg ground. Do not use a twelve volt charger on a six volt battery.

What happens when a car battery is depleted?

You'll need an external power source (such as a battery charger or another car hooked to battery cables) in order to start your vehicle. A battery which is truly depleted - not just discharged - will not take a charge from the alternator, and will need to be replaced.

Why your 2011 sequoia start if the battery hooked up?

Because it is suppose to start if the battery is hooked up.

How does the interlock system work in a battery charger?

It depends on how fancy it is. The one I have that really annoys me has three basic components plus the basic battery charger. The positive terminal is isolated from the battery clamp by both a diode and a relay. The relay is triggered by the battery to be charged and has a diode to detect if it is hooked up backwards and prevent the relay from engaging the charger. This is really annoying because if the battery does not have some life it wont charge, and because it is cheap junk it does not have a override switch to get things going. AHHHrg!

Jumper cables were hooked up wrong to my Chevy Malibu a 1980 I put a charger on the battery in the car and now it won't start. did i mess something up?

Probably. The alternator and voltage regulator may be fried, and the battery ruined. Take the battery to a battery shop and have them test it.

Why does the fuse on your battery charger keep blowing when you try to charge your tractor lawn mower battery?

If it is still in the tractor hooked up unhook it and try charging it if it still won't charge the battery is probably bad. If it does charge out of the tractor you might have a short in your wiring on the tractor. Hope this helps.

What is wrong if a car stereo and radio and car charger were working when you left the car but when you came back it wouldn't turn on?

If the charger was hooked up backwards, it would have drained the battery.

How many AMPS will a 10 AMP 12 volt charger charge a 36 volt three battery in series system with?

A 10 amp charge will only output 10 amps and 12 volts. So, if you want to charge thee 12 volt batteries hooked in series you will have to disconnect the positive cable from each battery and charge then individually. You cannot charge three 12 volt batteries hooked in series. That requires a 36 volt charger.

What are the car battery cables hooked up to?

the alternator

Can a lemon charge a battery?

Yes because the acidity level determines the PH level which when steel and copper are hooked into the lemon and hooked onto a battery it will start to charge.

What flows through wires that are hooked to a battery?

Electrons flow through wires that are hooked to a battery. The battery's negative terminal repels the electrons, while the positive terminal attracts them.

Why do the flashers flash when the battery is hooked up?

This is because each time the battery is disconnected, the computer in the car loses power. When the new battery is hooked up, the computer system needs to be reset to stop the lights from blinking.

How many amps does a AAA battery have?

A battery can have Ampere hours, but how many amps it will deliver is influenced by what the battery is hooked up to.

Does the battery have to be hooked up for the headlights to operate on a corvette?


Physics principle of the battery invention?

Chemical energy in the battery is turned into electrical energy when the battery is hooked up to an electrical circuit.

Does a hooked up battery wrong and ruin a starter module?

A battery hooked up back wards can fry all sorts of electrical components. Every thing from fuses, to wires, to computers.