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Why won't your dome light and cargo lights work even though bulbs are good and the fuse on the fuse panel looks good?


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you're talking about one of those blade fuses, right? either check the fuse with a continuity meter or just replace it with another one of the same size so's you can recheck the circuit. those blade type fuses can still be bad even tho the "look" good.

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Follow the white wire from the the convenience center (in the foot well up by the emergency brake) down along the floor, when you get to to part of the wiring right below where the back of the drivers seat pivots take off the tape that they are wrapped in, you will see that two white wires run from the back of the cab and join to ONE white wire, unwrap the tape at this connection, it is common for the wires to corrode and break apart in this place as water can get in when the carpets get damp.