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If this is an extra charger that did NOT come with your DS/DS Lite, then it will wear out extremely easily. I know this from experience. But if it DID come with your DS/DS Lite, than you may or may not have charged it more than 500-550 times. Trust me, its in the manual.

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โˆ™ 2007-06-26 17:21:25
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Q: Why won't your Nintendo DS charge?
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Your Nintendo ds wont turn on but it will only charge?

One of the fuses (F1 or F2) is blown. You have to open up the DS to fix it

How do you get a full battery on Nintendo DS?

You will have to charge it with the Nintendo DS charger.

What do you do when your Nintendo DS won't turn on?

i think when your ds wont turn on that problably means that it doesnt have charge,so,charge it,orange means its charging,& then,you could play with it again!

Does a Nintendo ds charge in a Nintendo ds lite charger?

No, the original DS and the lite have different chargers.

What does a Nintendo DS Lite Cable do?

Charge up your Nintendo

Is there a Nintendo Ds stand that recharges the battery at the same time your playing?

Yes there are available stands that will charge your Nintendo Ds unit as you play such as the Charge Boy Ds.

Does Pokemon white work on ds?

It will work on Nintendo ds lite, Nintendo dsi and on the 3ds. It wont be in 3d though

How long do you charge your Nintendo ds lite for?

The Nintendo DS Lite is equipped with a little orange light that goes out when the Nintendo Ds Lite is done charging. Usually the NDSL takes from 2-4 hours to charge.

Do you need to charge a Nintendo DS?

Umm............. yes.

Which is THE best psp or Nintendo ds?

personally i would prefer a Nintendo ds lite as it takes less time to charge, its easier to hold and once you charge it lasts for a lot longer then a psp. i also prefer the Nintendo ds games

Can you use art academy for Nintendo ds in the new Nintendo 3ds?

you can use any Ds game for the 3ds, it just wont have 3D

Who makes a waterproof case for my Nintendo DS?

The Nintendo DS - Accessory Bundle - 17 in 1 Bundle Pak includes a waterproof case for your Nintendo DS.

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