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boys dont always like girls if they swear

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Q: Why wont girls get a boyfriend if they dont stop cussing?
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Does Justin bieber like girls who cuss?

no and if you dont stop CUSSING you wont get a BOYFRIEND

Is Miley Cyrus going to stop cussing?


How do you make your boyfriend stop talking to other girls on the internet?

YOU BREAKUP WITH HIM! a boyfriend worth your time, and that is all yours wouldn't talk to other girls on the internet!

Why do girls cheat on their boyfriend just one time an then stop?

because the boys don't give what they what that's why the girls cheat on the guys

What to do with a flirting girl who you found out had a boyfriend?

ask her to stop flirting with you if you dont like it, or if you like it then tell her so.

Is a girl afraid of swear words because of her age or due to her anxiety?

It all depends on the girl. Some girls like it when boys cuss because they like the bad boy type. Others girls don't like it because they don't like the bad boy type and makes them feel like they are pushing it. It sometimes makes them don't feel like they don't know when to stop, or just plain out don't like it. Safely, you could ask her if she does. But keep in mind, you can stop cussing for a girl, but begin cussing for one either.

What do teenage boys hate in teenage girls?

When they think all about themselves and just dont stop talking about other girls or talk about guys

How do you stop someone thinking you have a crush on someone?

just say i dont have one because i have a boyfriend or say i know what i am talking about.

What do you do if your boyfriend puts his hand up your shirt in bed?

If u dont want, tell.him to stop and yank his hand out.

Why do teenage girls wear diapers?

Sometimes teenage girls have accidents and they cant stop so they put on diapers so they dont have to worry about it anymore.

How do you get girls if im gay?

You don't. I really hope you dont take this harshly but stop cocking around and get 1

Why do girls stop liking guys once they know that they can have them?

what i mean is when theres a guy i have a crush on, i get him to like me, then i dont like him. why is that?