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Bad battery or corroded terminal connections. clean the battery terminals and cable connectors inside and out till you can see new metal, inspect the wires for green or white corrosion if you cannot remove it replace them. And lastly clean and tighten the connection at the starter

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How do you tell if your engine has seized?

your ingine will make a sound and then wont start or turn over,

How do you turn bluetooth on your acer 3660?

hi heres how you can turn it on. 1st go to setting on your phone and click on headset or sound and click turn on.

How do you get your iTunes to start when you turn your computer on?

To make iTunes start when you turn on a Mac open System Preferences and click on Accounts. In your account select the Login Items button and click the + at the bottom of the pane. Select iTunes and click the Add button. The next time you start the Mac iTunes will be launched.

How do you get the sound back on fantage?

You go to the options. The options is by the party invitation icon. Click on options and click on "Sound is____" Click to change it. If the sound is off click on it one time click on it two times to turn it off.

2001 xterra won't start new battery won't turn over headlight come on and radio works no wipers turnsignals or odometer all fuses checked?

You may need to have your starter checked. If the radio comes on, then its not the battery. Does the truck make a clicking sound when you try to turn over the engine. If it makes a click -click noise when you try to start, then its not your starter.

How you turn off and on a computer?

You click in Start then click on Turn off computer and then there is gonna be a chart click where says turn off or you can click in the button in your computer that is like this: ''o something like this!''

How do you turn the sound off in Club Penguin?

All you have to do is turn off the volume on your keyboard, or mute the sound on the Computer. Or on Club Penguin where the chat bar is click the box that says something like settings and click Mute Sound.

How do you turn the sound off in Roblox?

Click on the Sound button on the underbar thingy.. And click 'Mixer', then scroll over, and select the 'mute' button for 'Roblox'

How do you turn off volume in windows 7?

Click the speaker on your start menu bar close to the clock to adjust or mute your Windows sound. Or search in your start menu for sound to enable/disable devices. Also found in the Control Panel.

How do you turn of the sound affects on Windows 7?

Go to the control panel and click on go to hardware and sound. Under the sound category Click change system sounds. In the dropdown menu select no sounds and then click ok.

How do you turn on the firewall on your computer?

click on start, got to control panel, click on security then click on fire wall, from there you canchoose to turn the fire wall off or on...

When I turn my computer on Sticky Keys automatically turns on how do I make it not do that it's really annoying please HELP?

Click... Start > Control Panel > Ease of access centre. Untick the box where it says 'Turn on sticky keys' (Under the heading 'Make it easier to type' - Click 'Apply' - and click OK.

When you try to start your 1997 Toyota Corolla its just clicks what is wrong?

To give a generic answer, it kinda depends on what type of click. If it is a rapid click-click-click-click... it is probably a dead (or near dead) battery. If it is just one solid "click", it is probably your starter. The single click is the sound of the selinoid clicking in to try to engage the starter. If the starter is faulty, it won't engage and turn your engine over to start.

No sounds at all when turn the key to start?

I went to start my car. I turn the switch once. All the lights and stereo come on. But when i turn it all the way to start, I get nothing. No sound, no click, no crank, nothing. I tried to Jump it for about 10 minutes with the same result. Need Help Please.. Car is a 94 Ford Probe

How can you turn sound off in the sims 2?

if your on the sims 2 computer in the corner there's the blue thing click on the bottom one which is settings and click the sound icon then click mute. hope this helps

How do you turn on your webcam for omegle?

Make sure your webcam itself is not and click on "Video" on the main Omegle page to start a video chat.

2001 Mitsubishi turn key goes click click click but no start?

solenoid bad or battery charge is low

Your truck just goes click when you turn the key to start lots of power good connection?

just clicking sound when trying to start, and you have good connections and power, means you need to replace the starter motor

How do you make a super hero on Scribblenauts?

when your on your playground (which is the bit when you first turn it on) click start and click on single player, then click on the spanner and pencil on one of your profiles, then scroll to page 8/10 and the super hero is there.

How do you turn on task bar?

Hit the Start key (the Windows icon). On the bottom type 'taskbar' and click on 'taskbar and start menu'. Then just make sure the appropriate boxes are checked. Then click 'apply' and 'OK'. Make sure you don't 'auto hide'. These instructions are for Vista.

Why does your Mazda protege go click click click when you turn it over?

if it just goes click click click and not start then you will require a new battery or a charge if you left the lights on...

How can you turn the brightness down on your laptop?

If you're on Windows 7 or Vista.. Click Start>> Control Panel>> Hardware and Sound>> Power Options>> You will see on the left part a sentence saying (Choose when to turn off the display) Click it then Adjust the Brighness plan you prefer.. And Voiala :) Have a nice day

SimAnt how to make a queen at the start of a full game?

To make a queen you must click and hold on your yellow ant, and select "Start Brood". You will then turn into a queen and, a moment later, re-hatch as a worker ant.

How do you turn off sounds effects in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 when clicking on links?

To turn on various sound effect in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8: 1) open Control Panel 2) click 'Hardware and Sound' 3) click 'Change System Sound' under sound heading 4) select 'Sounds' tab 5) scroll down to 'start navigation' under 'Windows Explorer' 6) select it and choose 'none' as sound effect 7) hit apply and exit

Can not hear the sound on iMac?

Click the speaker on the top right of the screen and slide to sound knob all the way to the top. You can also turn the volume up and down with the keys on the keyboard if you are using an Apple keyboard. If you see no speaker icon or you cannot turn the sound up open System Preferences and click the sound icon which looks like a speaker. Now click the Output Tab and make sure the output volume control is slid all the way to the right, max setting. Make sure the mute box is not checked. Set the device type to headphone.