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Why wont your parents let you talk to your boyfriend ever?


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Because there protecting you incase he is dangerous once they get to know him you will be able to talk to him go into town everything.Dont complain though as it makes it worse - Google Managment Team

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In my opinion you and your boyfriend should sit down and talk to your parents. See if there is anyway they will accept him and show the good qualities that he obtains.

if he wont talk to you, or he wont even look at you, or maybe even answer your calls.(: ): ): ): ): ): ):

just give it time!! my parents were the same way. the more you beg and talk about them makes them say no. so just give it time:) it will all work out

No, because if your boyfriend wont call then actually he is not really your boyfriend. Try the new boy, he may be better!

Consult your boyfriend he might tell her to stop,other wise talk to her your self.

have you tried talking to your own parents about this? Ask your boyfriends parents what they have against you. Also have you ever thought that his parents might be a bit overprotective! the girl in the pink cardigan x

You just say "mom dad, I think we need to talk". Just talk with them and tell them how you feel. Just say all the good things. For example, "Mom if you let me date i promise i wont be in a serious relationship, like i wont say i love him or anything, I will keep my grades up.... etc. Just persuade your parents.

Do not worry yourself excuse yourself at that moment. Look for a better opportunity to talk to her.

when he treats you like he dont want you no more.When he wont kiss you in public, wont hold you anymore, and if he goes to school with you he wont sit or talk to you when you want.

you have to wait until she comes to you trust me i know!

If he is abusing then talk to a realitive about it.

you wont ever be, because it is very inappropriate.

i can have a boyfriend. some people arent allowed, though, because they are too young, or their parents do not think they are ready to have one. some parents wont cut the cord, if ya know what im saying. if you arent allowed, and you want a boyfriend, then sit your parents down and tell them why you think youre ready.

f he won't talk to you again, he is obviously not interested. or he just needs to know that you dont wont to be angry any mor and that you wont to be friends like you where befour so he dosent get up set.

You gotta move out.. move back in with your parents so he can't move back in with you.

i wont because i am a girl but she already has a boyfriend and Selena is 19 Justin is 17

frist u have to know him first and he dont wont u to call him ever day and then after that u just talk to him>

you wont want to yell calmly talk to him about your problem and try to come up with a compromise or understanding between you two

Talk to your best friend's boyfriend and if he wont get your best friend to talk too him, and ask why he hate's you! If you've done nothing wrong then it's his problem. But If you have just say your really sorry for whatever you've done (:

it means he really doesn't want to break up he is wanting your reaction or to talk about it

tell him that you wanna talk to him , you wanna be friends , you might think you sound stupid but you wont he would know you care . even if he doesnt wanna talk to you , his lost .

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