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Why wont your transmiton engage into gear?


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2007-11-29 09:00:51
2007-11-29 09:00:51

I know that my 1995 XLT has a brake interlock switch, that doesn"t allow my automatic transmission to shift out of park into gear unless the brake pedal is depressed - I don't know if that is what your problem is.


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The brake pedal has to be fully depressed for the stick to engage.

If second is the only gear that does not work, there is an internal failure. The transmission will need repaired or replaced.

sounds like transmission problem it could be the lever but likely that the teeth on the gear for forward is strip and wont engage...take it to mechanic or take the crankcase transmission case off and play with the gear back and forth to see what its supposed to engage and look at the gear replace if me its worth it to do it youself and its pretty easy..just takes some time prolly an 1.5hour!!

Whatever the car, it has to do with the clutch. If the clutch does not dis-engage the fly wheel, you will be unable to shift or even get it into gear. Check you clutch, pedal, cable, or hydraulic system.

You need to lift the collar on the gear stick to engage reverse gear

when i try to engage 4xhigh from2xh both 4xh and 4xlow flasg green and wont engage,what could be the problem

do you have 1st 2nd and 3rd gear, if one of them dont work your transmiton is gone, that is what im going with. motor does not have anything to do with your gears

Check the trans fluid for water, if you have water you have major problems.

1999 ford explorer 4.0 manual transmission gear shifter wont fit on shaft

Toyota previa starter motor wont engage

need more info.. is it a manual 4WD that you have to pull the lever on the transmission hump to engage the 4wd or is it push button 4WD?

hi yah,i have a 1994 3.9 disco it will go into gear algud but wont move when in 2,3and d can feel it engage d but nothin?

The gear stick has a diagram of where to move the stick to engage a certain gear. For example, if Gear 1 is in the top left corner, you must move the stick to the fair left, then forwards to engage first gear. Oh, and you have to push down the clutch each time you change gear.

After you engage a gear and let out the clutch and accelerate the car wont move faster but the RPM's will move up. Also in some rare instances when a clutch disk material separates from the disk its self you wont be able to start the car or even change gears.

It's the overdrive engage button, which is like a 5th gear. It only engages when the gear lever is in 4th gear and it can be operated without depressing the clutch.

Starters are made specifically for certain engine and transmission combinations. The snout of the starter must be the correct length for the worm gear to engage the ring gear. If you have the wrong starter, the worm gear will not engage properly. If the ring gear is damaged, the starter might be operating properly, but have no teeth to engage. If the solenoid is not working, the starter motor will spin, but the worm gear will not be pushed forward to engage the ring gear. Remove the starter, and visually check the ring gear for missing teeth. If the ring gear appears to be intact, take the starter back to the place where it was purchased and have it tested. If the starter tests good, check the solenoid wiring on the vehicle to insure that the solenoid is being energized. If all of these steps fail to identify the problem, return the starter and get a different starter out of stock and compare them. You might have a mislabeled starter.

it wont let lock up engage

Perhaps clutch needs adjustment or replacement

you could have of torn a spider gear

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