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Why would 1990 Geo Prizm brake lights not shut off?


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2010-08-10 18:31:15
2010-08-10 18:31:15

I have a 90 Prism that had the same problem. There is a platic spacer on the brake arm the crumbled with age. it is very hard to see where it is located. I glued a penny and a dime ( the thickness of the space ) to the brake arm....problem solved.

I don't know for sure about the Geo although we do have one but I just went though a similar situation with my Toronado. When I replaced the brake power booster my lights wouldn't shut off. I got under the drivers column and realized that the switch had been moved while moving things around to get the booster out.

On most cars there is a switch (with a little button that moves in and out) that must be up against the brake arm. If it is not up against it, the brakes are reading it as on. When the brakes are depressed up towards you, it depresses the button and registers as being free.

Hope that helped.


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