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I'm glad I'm not alone. My 1998 just started shifting hard, but only after it has warmed up a while. I just took it to a transmission guy. He said not to look at the transmission as the problem quite yet. On my car, he said the problem might be related to my bank 1 emissions, plugged fuel injectors and/or clogged upstream catalytic converters. He lost me, but indicated that the fluid pressures within the transmission go into a type of "safety mode", as a result of the "codes" that I'm having and that causes the harder shifting. He told me to have the back pressure checked on my converters and go from there. All I'm out is $65.00 for the diagnostics. To me that makes more sense than a $2200 transmission, although converters could be a similar amount if you replaced all 3.

Starting Point!! Hopefully stopping point as well.j

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Q: Why would 1998 v6 251 liter mercury mystique with 200000 km shift very hard in lower gears after driving on hiway but if you stop the car for a few seconds and restart it then it shifts fine?
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