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First, check the coolant level. Next, check the thermostat. Next, if the truck is older, check the radiator to see if it's plugged. If the coolant is rusty or any color other than green (gold for the newer GM coolant) flush the radiator and engine. If all of that hasn't solved the problem: with the engine cold, fill the radiator, then with the radiator cap off, start the engine to see if the coolant is blown out. If you see large amounts of coolant running out before the engine gets hot I'd be suspicious of a head-gasket or cracked head. Note that a small amount of coolant will be pumped out by the water pump but a cracked head or damaged head gasket will cause quite a bit of coolant to be pumped out. If there is any question about the head gasket or cracked head, you can purchase a test strip that will verify the presence of carbon monoxide in the coolant. If you have carbon monoxide in the coolant you DEFINITELY have either a cracked head or a leaky head gasket.

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Q: Why would Truck run hotter than normal?
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