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Why would a '95 Nissan Pathfinder jerk when accelerating?

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I had a very similar problem with my 1996 Nissan truck. New plugs, wires, distributor and rotor only partly solved the problem. Then I replaced the O2 sensor and the probelm disappeared completely. Had 130K miles on the truck when replaced and the O2 sensor was shot.

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Why would your 2005 Cadillac SRX jerk while driving?

My 2004 SRX V8 would jerk and sort of "hang up" when accelerating from a stop. It is an AWD. The dealership had to rebuild my transfer case. No more problems since.

Why does your 1999 pathfinder jerk when you go over 2 RPMs?

2 rpms? Your automobile engine probably runs around 2000 rpms. At 2 rpms the engine would stall and stop. However, many automatic transmissions jerk a little bit as they shift gears. I suspect this is what is happening to your Pathfinder.

Why does the 1994 Nissan Micra jerk?

Is it automatic?? If so they are a CVT box, and do jerk, its pretty normal.

Why does your automatic car jerk when accelerating and coming to a stop and the dash display shows that it is not in any gear?

If the automatic transmission car jerks when accelerating and the dash does not indicate a gear, there is a problem with the transmission. Check the shift solenoid.

A jerk like a school girl or a school girl likes a jerk?

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Why would a Chevy truck jerk when accelerating?

what year and do you have a 4l60e trans if so the trans might be going but firs check the u joints check all them the 4l60e is natoris for having the trans go

Why does a car jerk when accelerating?

Something to do with the transmission. Probably slipping It's the force of momentum being exerted on the car, the chassis of the car doesn't quite "catch up" with the engine itself without a transfer of momentum, or "jerk".

Why does my car jerk after changing gear and accelerating?

have your transmission checked sometimes torque converter clutch isn t locking or unlocking properly

Why jerk at starting while moving the car?

It is because the car is accelerating from zero miles per hour to a faster speed so you feel pushed backwards.

What would cause your automatic car to sputter and jerk bad when accelerating in first gear but be okay once it gets to second?

Try a basic tune up. New spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor. When the vehicle is in first gear and you are accelerating, that is when the most load is on the engine. It sounds as though under a load, you are losing your spark because it is arcing out where it should not be.

When theirs a small evop leak would it cause your car to jerk?

a small evap leak would not cause your car to jerk.

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When driving a 1999 mercury cougar occasionally when breaking the car will jerk to one side but when accelerating shortly after the car will jerk in the opposite direction what could this be?

Sounds like a broken or loose suspension component on your driving wheels. This could be deadly. Better take it in to a professional -------- now.

Why does a 1998 ford ranger jerk back forth when accelerating?

Do you have the 5 speed manual version or the automatic? If it is the manual version then its just because you are letting out of the clutch too fast

Why does the Honda City 2005 model give Jerk and off while accelerating the car give jerk till the speed of 80kmh when you push more accelerator but if you push accelerator slowly it runs without jerk?

With a fuel pump problem, the car may seem to shudder or make jerking movements while accelerating. This is commonly misdiagnosed as a dirty fuel filter or "bad" gas in the tank. What's really happening is that the fuel pump is wearing out and at high speeds is unable to provide steady fuel pressure to the engine, causing it to misfire.

Would an automatic transmission car jerk when shifting after having had a transmission flush?

would an automatic transmission car jerk when shifting after having had a transmission flush

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