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==Not to be an alarmist, but . . . == . . . fergoodnessake, get her to a doctor RIGHT AWAY! Those symptoms are not signs of stress but of something seriously pathological. It may be a good idea to see if she has any Allergies. When I would get headaches like that, always in the same place, the MD first tried to put me on high blood pressure medicine ( I don't have HP). Then I would still get the headaches. I don;t have allergies that I know of except to Codiene, but I had been outdoors alot, grasses, weeding, the weather was dry. I was then given Imatrex to use. It helped if you take it ( I was taking 1/2 pill) once you first sense the headache coming on. Don't wait or it takes longer for it to go away. Even though the Imatrex worked, I didn't want to have to take a pill every day. I told my MD that I thought I might have a sinus infection, I did not have any of the usual signs of having one, but thought it worth a try. I was given a Zpak ($40) for 3 pills, ( antibiotic) it cleared it right up. Not had once since. I also have been using some samples of Nasonex the MD gave me when I notice being stuffed up of having any sinus drainage. Worth a look, hope this helped some. stress, too much sugar, blood pressure may be high, have her checked out by physican as soon as you can there may be an underlying problem It may just be a migraine, these are the symptoms I get. But I did get checked to make sure it was nothing serious as everyone is different. ==Floaters== I, too, see stars and black spots in my eyes. The stars I see right before I get a migraine and the black spots are, the eye doctor told, "floaters" where I have torn something in my eye and it bled, and that is the blood floating around. I would like for you to take her to a doctor. Good luck and God Bless:) ==Black out, not black spots== The question writer mentioned a blackout in one eye, not black spots. Blackouts, full or partial, are common to migraines but could be a symptom of something far more serious. A neurologist should be consulted.

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Q: Why would a 17-year-old girl keep getting headaches in the temple and experiencing stars in her eyes and then a black out in one eye if she is very active with school and working and cheering?
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