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Over time, the rubber in the radiator hoses becomes brittle causing it to crack very easily. As the hot radiator coolant surges through the hoses under pressure, it makes it very easy for the hoses to break. (most of the time in the hardest places to find) The solution to finding the hole would be to take a garden hose, and put it in the radiator top, run it so the radiator won't run out of fluid and try to assess where the water/coolant mixture is seeping from. Either have a garage fix it, or purchase a new hose and replace.

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โˆ™ 2008-11-02 03:40:16
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Q: Why would a 1980 Porsche 925 recently spray a lot of antifreeze all over the engine?
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Why does antifreeze spray on my engine while driving?

sounds like a hole in your radiator or hoses.

Is an antifreeze leak dangerous?

No. It can result in damage to the engine if you loose all of your coolant. I have damaged an Alternator by coolant spraying on it. There is some risk if you try to work on the radiator or remove the cap when the engine is HOT. The fluid can spray on you can cause burns. Antifreeze is not harmful to you if you spill it on you. ( cats and dogs are attracted to antifreeze and could possibly kill them if they drink it )

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Never open the radiator cap when the engine is hot?

A radiator cap can not only be hot, but it is holding in pressure. When the cap comes off under pressure, hot antifreeze will spray out, possibly causing injury.

How do you go about degreasing your engine?

get a couple cans of degreaser, run engine until warm and spray on careful not to spray on airfilter and dist cap and wires!!!let engine soak for 30 min.then spray off...

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What would cause antifreeze to spray out by firewall?

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How do you check vacuum hoses for cracks?

First check the vacuum hoses visually then with the engine running, spray carb cleaner at the suspected areas. When you spray a cracked area the engine rpms will increase.

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Technically you can! It is not advisable as Anti-Freeze will cause damage to the bodywork of your car and when you spray the washers it will of course end up on the bodywork somewhere.

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with carborator - cover and spray down with soapy water Or newer cars - just spray down with soapy water

Why would your 99 Chevy blazer jerk and stall when accelerating only when its wet out?

Need to check these things with a spray bottle of water. Spray these parts one at a time while the engine is running and see if the engine changes are flutters. Distributor Cap, Plug wires. Coil. and spray were the wires hook to the spark plugs. What ever you are spraying when the engine changes, then that part needs replaced.

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Where is the fule filter located in a 2001 altama?

The fuel filter on your 2001 Nissan Altima is located: Under hood, driver side or engine compartment, rear engine area, passenger side of master cylinder, mounted in fuel line. Do not attempt to change this filter while the engine is hot. Fuel will spray when you disconnect the fuel line so be prepared for the spray. Cove the filter with a rag to stop the spray.

How do you check for a vacuum leak?

Start the engine and spray WD40 on all vacuum connections. When you hear the engine RPMs increase you have found a leak.

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Starter fluid should be sprayed into the throttle body intake. Spray in small amounts, as the fluid is highly flammable. Any over spray could ignite if the engine backfires.

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