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Why would a 1988 Mitsubishi Galant 1800 suddenly lose all drive?


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2004-08-24 10:53:43
2004-08-24 10:53:43

Reguardless where it is, the transmission will have to be overhauled. I think probably a shaft snapped or the bolts could have come out of the convertor if it was making noise before it happened.


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Mitsubishi dealerships are the best places to find a Mitsubishi Galant. If one is looking for the 2000 model specifically then one should call ahead to see if they have one available. Another excellent place to look would be in the local newspapers.

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Maby because it dosent have any gas in it, or because the battery is dead.

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if its the 2.4 liter its the exact same motor so yes, this would be possible

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I'm not positive but, i don't think the '95 galant or other yrs. have a "pump relay switch". they do have a pressure regulator and a relief valve. i would check your local dodge or Mitsubishi dealer and ask them.

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