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Why would a 1989 2.6 Trooper auto not go into overdrive when it should?


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2006-06-06 21:57:27
2006-06-06 21:57:27

If it's an automatic, probably an electrical fault in that circuit. If it's a manual , more than likely bent clutching teeth on the 4th/5th synchronizer. I have an 89 auto that had a symilar problem. It was a blown thermostat. EXACTLY. If the vehiicle does not reach a certain temperature the trans. wont shift into overdrive. I had this problem years ago and it took 3 genius dealers to figure it out!!!


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I have a 1989 Dodge has overdrive

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Overdrive should be ran by electrical ,so check your fuses . If that's not it check wiring that runs to transmission.You will have to get under the vehicle . There is an electrical switch that shifts the trans into overdrive , that is your next step . If you have a owners manual in the glove box it should tell you which fuse runs the overdrive circuit .Hope this helps . Rick

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getting ready to put the motor from my 1989 Trooper into a 1986 Trooper II... will let you know how it goes!

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There is no separate switch for the overdrive, simply put the gear selector in the overdrive position. It looks like a D inside a square. Not all Chevy Celebrities have the overdrive feature, it was an extra cost option.

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