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Why would a 1990 Acura Integra not start in if left overnight?


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2005-11-02 05:52:01
2005-11-02 05:52:01

First replace the inlet air temperature sensor. This will help the car on initial start up. Then if restart after warm up is still a problem, replace fuel pump main relay. Mind you, make sure fuel pump/presurre regulator are working. check the fan relay,sometimes they go bad and the fan is on all the time until the battery goes dead at least that is what happened to my 1991 integra 1. The battery may be on it's last leg. 2. If the battery is known to be good, the positive/negative contacts in the starter might be going bad. Try replacing starter ($60 for remanufactured one).


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it can be lost of Compression in the Motor....

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Yes you just need to change the headlights and bumper lights along with the bumper

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