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This may be an unbalanced tire. check to see if any of the weights are missing off any of your tires. Have that one rebalanced at the shop Your wheels are probubly out of balance. Or Have dirt/mud build up on the inside of the rim. If you are using low quality tires and it is verycold out I have heard of tires retaining their shape from a parked possion(so there would be a flat spot). You may also have a universal joint problem (but that would be felt more while cornering instead of straight line) You may also have a wheel baring problems... I would probubly check the first problems

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โˆ™ 2005-07-23 06:00:42
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Q: Why would a 1990 Chrysler Dynasty start shaking while driving but when you slow down at a light or come to a complete stop the shaking stops?
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Why would a 1995 Chrysler Concorde with only 30000 miles suddenly start shaking when driving and in idol?

a bad harmonic balancer

What can you do to stop your car from shaking while driving?

This will depend upon the type of car you have, the type of shaking and what is causing the shaking. The solution may be anything from tightening a bolt to stop driving the car because it is dangerous.

Why is your 1998 Honda Passport shaking?

It is scared of something, is there an Escalade around? Seriously, shaking while driving could be wheel balancing or front end alignment. Shaking while at idle or what seems to be coming from the engine might be a motor mount.

Why is your Ford Mustang shaking when driving?

Front in elihment may be messed up.I'm 13 and it happened before

Why is your car shaking when driving at 100?

You have a mechanical defect such as a worn wheel bearing or your wheels are not correctly balanced.

If someone told you to replace your motor mounts will that stop the shaking while driving?

most likely. 65;

What does it mean when your vehicle is shaking when you drive?

Driving a shaking car is very dangerous but it could be the ball joints,tie rod ends sway bar bushings, CV axles or unbalanced tires.

What would cause intermittent front end shaking while driving not braking?

realignment, 60 to 80 bucks

Steering wheel shakes when driving?

Many things can cause the steering wheel to shake when you are driving. However, the most common cause of steering wheel shaking is a bent wheel.

What could cause shaking of wheel while driving?

Tire out of balance is the most likely cause. Can also be a bent wheel.

What causes a continuos thumping noise and floor shaking while driving not while idle for a 2000 Honda Accord?

A continuous thumping noise and floor shaking while driving on a 2000 Honda Accord could mean a loose exhaust system. It could also mean a bent frame or a broken spring.

What cause a 1999 vw passat to start shaking lot when driving?

heat shield might have came lose if it rattles alot

How do you fix a car from shaking while driving?

Try having your front suspension aligned. Check your ignition system for misfiring as well.

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Why would your steering wheel and pedals be shaking when driving?

1. out of balance tire 2. Steering out of alignment 3. bad wheel bearings

1992 villager shaking really bad when driving what is wrong with it?

Tires out of balance, out of round, or worn out ,front end out of align may have caused this

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Can a bad ball joint cause shaking?

Most worn out suspension components especially balljoints can cause shaking and inconsistent vehicle behaviour especially when driving on uneven surfaces. It is also risky to drive a vehicle on long distance trips if the balljoint is worn out.

Steering wheel shaking when driving?

More than likely your tires are out of balance. Have your tires rotated and balanced. Make sure they check for a bent wheel.

Why do your wheel shake and pull to the right when you are driving?

Check the front end components. Most likely there is a loose or worn part causing the shaking of the wheels.

What do you need to do when on your 2000 manual Sahara while driving you engage the clutch and it sounds like the drive shaft is shaking?

your throwout bearing is going replace it

When truning right front end shakes and driving 60miles starts shaking?

This problemsounds like the tires might need to be rotated and balanced. the car might need to be aligned if the car pulls to the right when you are driving straight.

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