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This problem is due to a weak igniter circuit within the distributor and was solved by replacing the distributor.

2005-01-16 00:34:33
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Why when you get a tattoo in saints row the third and then restart the game its not on you even when you save it before you restart it?

it is a glitch

Can you restart petville?

MOST games can be restart by deleting them from your applications setting pages and waiting 90 days before going back into the application

What do you do if accidentally killed cobalion in Pokemon white?

You may have to save before fighting and restart at that point.May you be careful or not?listen to answer or you may have to ...RESTART FROM THE OTHER PART YOU SAVED AT!

What can you do about a game that suddenly cant be read on your Wii console?

If it's always worked before, it's probably not a problem with the game. Just restart the whole thing and see if it'll work then. If not, you may want to check out your Wii, to make sure there hasn't been a glitch or malfunction.

What is the restart in soccer for a weather stoppage?

If play was stopped for the weather, then a drop ball. If play was already stopped, then whatever the restart would have been before the weather delay.

How do you restart a Nissan Titan?

Just like you did the first time before you turned it off.

Why does your sims 2 terminate?

you must keep trying or restart your computer. (It happened to me before)

Is there a cheat or hack in Oblivion that allows you to restart a mission?

No, save before starting a mission.

Why your Sony laptop suddenly will shutdown?

What are you doing before it shuts down?

How do you resart an island on Poptropica?

To restart an island on Poptropica all you need to do is click map when you are on an island. It will open up the map of the island, in the bottom left it should say "Restart Island", click on this and answer restart when it asks you if you are sure.That's how you restart an island.PS. If you are not sure if you have restarted or not check if you have the island medallion in your items(or anything else you had in your items before.)

How do you Get a Shiny Celibi?

save the game before catching it and then you can restart the game again if it is not it and keep trying

How do you check to make sure your registry was restored?

A good way to check to make sure the computer registry was restored is to restart the computer. If the registry was restored, the computer will restart with no problems. If the computer shows a screen that offers the user a choice of options like restart normally or restart in safe mode, there could be a problem in the registry that the computer needs to fix before restarting.

What do you do if you lose the red Gyarados in soulsiver?

Either get one in a trade or restart from your last save point before that.

What must happen before the owa changes that you made take effect?

You must restart the IIS server

What is it called to shoot up suddenly that has 3 letters before rock?

Sky rocket

What are the ratings and certificates for Suddenly Susan - 1996 A Kiss Before Dying--- on Stage 2-8?

Suddenly Susan - 1996 A Kiss Before Dying--- on Stage 2-8 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:Atp

How can you restart Minecraft?

You can uninstall the game by deleting .minecraft in the folder Roaming. You can also re install Minecraft. Before you login, hit options, then click Force Restart. Login and Minecraft will have been re installed.

How do you really know if someone really likes you?

That person will talk to you more often then before and suddenly be very good to u and that person will suddenly ask u lots of question.

How do you get shiny Pokemon in Dialga?

Save it before you catch dialga then every time he is not shiny restart it until he is shiny.

When you were playing Zelda Phantom Hourglass your weapons dissappeared?

At the end, yes. You have no need for them... If it happened before, no chance. You have to restart.

How do you restart a Nintendogs account?

You press L,R,A,X,B.Y and the arrow buttons before you hear the barking,

What should you do when your computer says there is low memory?

Close all windows that i opened before. Just refresh. Then restart.

How do you restart the computer from the command prompt?

Here is the command for computer restart: shutdown -r -t 0 -c "Optional" The syntax "shutdown" commands the computer to start shutdown command with a given parameter. "-r" is the keyword for restart. Please use "-s" to shutdown. "-t 0" is used as a timer before shutdown. We used 0 to restart the computer immediately after the command has been read. "-c "Optional"" is used for comment. You can restart computer without comment parameter.

What will happen if you fainted latioslatias in Pokemon emerald?

It means they cannot be found again unless you saved before you fought them then you can just restart. If you saved after you killed them then you can't find them again, so you have to restart the game if you want to catch them.

Turn A Wireless Mouse Off Before Replacing The Batteries?

You always want to turn the wireless mouse off before you replace the batteries. The top rated laptop computers use Bluetooth technology to connect to the mouse, and it can become confused if the batteries are suddenly taken away. It will think that the mouse is still connected to the computer even though it is not. You will then have to restart the computer to reset it. If you turn the mouse off, you can avoid this problem.