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Check the passenger's floor- it is probably wet. A bad heater core maybe the culprit.

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Q: Why would a 1991 Ford Explorer keep losing coolant if there is no white smoke and no signs of a leak and is there an inexpensive way to fix it?
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Why does your Chevy Lumina heater not work?

check your coolant ASAP. If your coolant is low, you see any signs of oil in the coolant, or signs of coolant in the oil you may be losing it to a gasket leak. Have a mechanic check your intake manifold gasket. This is huge problem with the 3.1L engines and can lead to engine failure if not fixed early. Signs of oil in coolant would be stuff floating in the reservoir and muddy colored coolant. Signs of coolant in the oil could be lots of white vapor (water) in exhaust and light tan foamy stuff on the oil fill cap or around the hole for the cap. For no heat, there are other things you could check like your thermostat and water pump but the failed gasket will kill the engine. I only mention this because the heater in my Lumina took 10-15 minutes when it did work and not getting my gasket fixed killed the engine.

What are the signs of a blown radiator?

You would have a coolant leak.

Is losing engine coolant normal?

Losing a small quantity over a considerable time is not unusual,but if you are using alot like over a week say,then something definitely wrong.Check for small leaks around all hoses and if engine heats up too quickly or if there are signs of over-heating.

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What are the signs of a blown cylinder head on a Kia Sportage?

Loosing Coolant, coolant in the oil, a sweet smelling exhaust, low compression, overheating, and possibly a miss.

What are signs of head gasket going bad?

Engine oil mixing with coolant and/or coolant mixing with engine oil.Losing coolant but don't see any leaks. White smoke (steam) coming out the exhaust that has a sweet smell to it.

What signs are there for a blown valve gasket?

Valves have seals instead of gaskets and if one was bad you would have oil on the spark plug for that cylinder if you were to take it out and inspect it. A bad valve cover gasket would leak oil on the outside of the engine. a bad head gasket would put oil and/or pressure into the coolant system, coolant into the combustion chamber causing white smoke, or coolant into the oil. signs of a blown head gasket can be:- coolant leaking outside of engine from head/block area,coolant in engine oil, oil in radiator,over heating of engine.loss of pwer.loss of coolant from coolant resevoir, smell of coolant while driving, and not being able to tell where it is coming from

Where in a 2001 ford explorer using a gallon of coolant per week with no visible external leaks dry passenger floor no white smoke and no milkshaking in the oil is the coolant going?

it is possible to have a small leak on the head gasket ,enough to let the coolant still leak into the clyinders and will account for a gallon to go weekly,and still show no signs of white smoke in the exhaust,also might want to check around the radiator fill neck to make sure it does not show a sign of cracks,this can cause coolant to vaporize out of the radiator and you will never see it leaking.....

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Coolant leaks and exhaust is steamy?

Those are signs of a blown head gasket or a cracked cylinder head.

What is the signs of a water pump is going out in a 1998 ford expedition?

Leaking coolant, making noise or engine overheating.

Why does a 1989 Freightliner use 12 gallons of coolant in as many hours when there are no signs of leakage on the motor ground or coolant in the crankcase?

Sounds like a head gasket issue, or worse, your head could be cracked. Check your exhaust - that's probably where your coolant is going.

What are the signs of heater core going out in 98 s10?

Finding coolant on the passengers side floor. Turning on the defroster and the inside of the windshield fogs up. Sweet smell of coolant inside vehicle.

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What are the signs a 1997 Escort wagon may need a new water pump?

grindig noise from the pump leaking coolant

What are the signs that a Honda engine needs a P1457 check?

There are many different signs that will tell you that your Honda P1457 will need to be checked. Some of the more common are when the engine knocks and you start losing power.

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What are the signs of a cracked engine head?

Loss of coolant with no visible leak. White smoke out the exhaust. Excess pressure and bubbles in radiator.

What are the signs of a cracked injector cup in a 7.3 diesel?

To begin with you will smell diesel after parking. You will also have your coolant system start overflowing because it will be filling up with diesel. The crack will allow the injector to push diesel into the coolant.

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How can you tell if the boots on a 94 4wd explorer xlt are bad?

Check the rubber for cracks , tears , any signs of greese leaking out

Why would the coolant tank keep losing coolant but no leaks on a small block Chevy?

The coolant could be getting into your oil, or it could be going out the exhaust from a blown head gasket or a cracked head you will probably be able to smell a sweet smell near the exhaust if its being burned... Try a new radiator cap. Much cheaper fix, then above. These engines are also notorious for blown intake manifold gaskets. If the leak is not evident, check around the top of the engine and along the sides of the heads for signs of leakage. A service center can pressure test it for a nominal charge.

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Your Windstar is losing oil and there are no visible signs of leakage anywhere any suggestions?

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