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Why would a 1991 Ford Explorer keep losing coolant if there is no white smoke and no signs of a leak and is there an inexpensive way to fix it?


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2004-12-02 08:08:28
2004-12-02 08:08:28

Check the passenger's floor- it is probably wet. A bad heater core maybe the culprit.


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check your coolant ASAP. If your coolant is low, you see any signs of oil in the coolant, or signs of coolant in the oil you may be losing it to a gasket leak. Have a mechanic check your intake manifold gasket. This is huge problem with the 3.1L engines and can lead to engine failure if not fixed early. Signs of oil in coolant would be stuff floating in the reservoir and muddy colored coolant. Signs of coolant in the oil could be lots of white vapor (water) in exhaust and light tan foamy stuff on the oil fill cap or around the hole for the cap. For no heat, there are other things you could check like your thermostat and water pump but the failed gasket will kill the engine. I only mention this because the heater in my Lumina took 10-15 minutes when it did work and not getting my gasket fixed killed the engine.

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You would have a coolant leak.

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Losing a small quantity over a considerable time is not unusual,but if you are using alot like over a week say,then something definitely wrong.Check for small leaks around all hoses and if engine heats up too quickly or if there are signs of over-heating.

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Loosing Coolant, coolant in the oil, a sweet smelling exhaust, low compression, overheating, and possibly a miss.

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