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Sounds like there may be a shorting wire, perhaps in the morning after rain or dew, as soon as the engine warms up, it dries it and eliminates the short until the next time. Look for a wire with a broken outer casing. When the flasher is going bad, it will flash only when the voltage is higher. Perhaps after warm up when the battery is fully recharged the voltage is high enough to make it flash. Get a new flasher, they are cheap but they are a pain to replace.

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Q: Why would a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird turn signals not work when the car is first started but after the car warms up about 15 minutes they do?
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there is a mass air flow sensor on the carb/throttle body.My son has a 91 that does this so asked his brother who is a licensed mechanic.Easy to reach and fix

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