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Providing that you used a shop manuals info, everything should be working fine. However, if you did not set the timing marks to match before you removed the old belt (or even if it broke off) it won't start.

Also, try reasing any trouble code from the computer, by disconeecting the neg bat terminal for like 10 secs. In reality you have not stated what made you replace the belt in the first place, understand.

If it was that the belt broke off while driving, then I do hope you set the timing marks at the lower crankshaft and upper Camshaft. (there are marks for this). That's why its important to have the vehicles shop manual. Also, I hope you used a timing light to do the final touch. good luck.

AnswerThe upper timing mark is really hard to see clean off the bearing housing behind the cam gear mark it with a whiteout pen or touchup paint then align the crank timing using the same method. As for your ground and resetting the ecu I hope you pulled ground before doing a timing belt>? Once you get the belt on turn the car over by hand twice min. Look and see if your timing marks align still. If they don't then pull the belt and do it again. It's easy to jump teeth.
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Q: Why would a 1991 Toyota Celica 2.2 16 valve still have trouble starting after replacing the timing belt with a timing belt kit and setting the timing marks?
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