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Why would a 1992 Toyota pick up make a popping-clicking sound if the wheel is turned too far in either way?


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2006-01-26 21:15:52
2006-01-26 21:15:52

Could be CV joints going bad the plastic stoppers on the contol arm are missing and the wheel turns about a half inch farther than it should, its nothing really just get into the habit of not cranking the wheel too far. you cant buy the stoppers but you can modify it by drillind a small hole where the stopper was, and threading a bolt into it, i used a 3/8 bolt about 1 inch long and it worked. I have same problem but like the second answer much better as well. It also depends of it is scraping sound or if it is a rythmic constant clicking that when you accelerate it increases in tempo as well.


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