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ignition module

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Q: Why would a 1992 ford ranger be running fine turn it off try to restart and will not start motor will turn over but will not fire?
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How do you start 2000 Ford Ranger after running out of gas?

u cant lol

Can you start and stop a 20 hp motor several times a day?

The ability to start and stop a 20 hp motor, or any other large motor, several times a day depends on the motor. Look at the nameplate on the motor. It will tell you the criteria for restart, if applicable.

What motor is used for running lathe spindle?

Single phase induction motor ( usually capacitor- start type)

It was running sluggish and died you tried to restart it but it would'nt start?

What type of vehicle? What type of engine? More information is needed.

What is the use of a motor starter?

It cranks the engine over in order for it to start running.

Why does my car start then stall after running out of gas and refueling?

Because when your car runs out of gas there is no more gas in the fuel lines to run the motor so when you refuel it then start it there is nothing there to keep it running. The gas have to be pumped out of the tank and into the motor.

Why did tarcker quit running while sitting at light. It will not restart. It cranks but doesn't start?

Assuming this is a Chevrolet Tracker, probably missing fuel or spark.

How you determine the starting and running winding of a capacitor start single phase motor?

I think the resistance value of starting winding is less than the running winding of the single phase motor

Is a capacitor or a capacitor start motor used in a refrigerator?

Most refrigerators use a single-phase induction motor which needs a capacitor to make it start running in the right direction.

How do you connect a start capacitor to an ac motor?

A start capacitor is wired in series with the motor's start winding via a centrifugal start switch. The switch disconnects the capacitor and start winding once the motor has reached a pre-determined minimum speed. The motor then continues to run on its main field winding. A different design uses a "start-and-run" capacitor which remains in circuit whilst the motor is running.

How do you use ranger net on Pokemon Ranger Shadows of almia?

Start and save the game at least once. When you restart the game you will have an option to access the Ranger Net. Your DS needs to have its Wi-Fi connection set-up for you to download missions. Some missions are availiable for a limited time only.

Will a three phase motor start if fuse of one of the phases is not present?

No, a three phase motor will not start if one leg of the motor feeder is open. The motor will stay running once the motor looses a leg butnot for long if the proper motor protection is provided. The motor protection will sense theline failure and disconnect the motor from the voltage source.

Why would a 1987 ford ranger fuel injected be running fine turn it off try to restart and will not start motor will turn over but will not fire?

its the fuel safety shut off switch. its near the passengers feet in the front seat. all you have to do is press the button on top of it. If that doesnt work get someone to hold the top of it down and it should start if not you need a new one go to a ford dealer and there 15 - 30 bucks and it should work fine after that. your engine is just not getting any fuel

1995 f150 will start but dies after running for about 15 minutes and wont restart?

A 1995 Ford F150 will start to die after running for about 15 minutes if the fuel or electrical system have a failure. A bad battery or electrical system will also prevent it from restarting.

What is the Voltage needed to start a Ford Ranger?

12 volts will get it started. Once running, the alternater runs at about 14 volts.

1 Will a single-phase induction motor start if only the running or the starting winding is excited?


How do you identify start and run windings of a motor?

starting winding are thicker than running winding

How do you restart Windows XP?

Click on Start -> Shutdown -> Restart

When you start your PC it always restart?

the automatic restart on failure feature is turned on

How do you restart a 1997 Chrysler Sebring after running out of gas?

Add gas, crank engine. If it doesn't start in about 30 seconds, it was not out of gas and you have a different problem.

What is the type of motor used in running a lathe spindle?

230V/1Ph/50Hz 1HP (0.75 kW)Motor Capacitor start induction motor ( single phase)

Why won't my 1985 Pontiac 6000 start?

have a pontiac 6000 2.5 motor and it wont stay running

What can cause a motor to start running backwards after it was tested and ran in the correct direction?

swap your live over

Your 96 ford ranger wipers sometimes won't go. if you get out and start them manually they go after that. is there something you can do to prevent this?

Change the wiper blade motor.

How do you enable the Daytime Running Lights on a 2005 Ford Ranger?

As soon as you start the vehicle ( and parking brake is released) they automatically come on (Helpfull)