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Why would a 1995 Ford Contour overheat and the check engine light came on if there is plenty of coolant?


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DAngelo: I had this problem with my 97 Contour. The problem was that the water pump needed replacing. The rod in the center of the water pump was actually slipping, so sometimes the pump would be functioning and cooling, and other times not, so my heat gage would go up and down. Fortunately my mechanic had seen this before. Ford contours are known for their crappy water pumps you can get an upgraded pump with metal impellors instead of the stock plastic

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Your thermostat is probably stuck closed you can pick one up at any parts store for about $12

Plugged heater core maybe. Maybe the thermostat. Coolant keeps your engine cool under duress. If the thermostat is stuck open, the engine is staying too cool. Your heat is run off of your engine temperature.

You need to double check that coolant, white smoke is a sure sign of a blown head gasket, especially when added to an overheating issue.

Fan not working Water pump not Working well enough Stuck Thermostat. Air Bubble in system Head gasket failure Radiator plugged or coated inside Radiator dirty or plugged stopping airflow

You can drive it a little but make sure there is plenty of coolant. Don't let it overheat, not even a little. If it's leaking too fast, you might end up having trouble if you drive it, but you should be able to put in some coolant and drive it to a shop.

the coolant level sensor is probably stuck it is on the bottom of coolant resivior most times all it takes is a tap with the handle end of the screwdriver on the side of the res where sensor is

Check your coolant sensor for built up sludge, or the sensor may need replacement.

Running your heater allows more cooling time for the water in the system. Check your water or coolant level to make sure you have plenty of water in the system.

My guess is that the Coolant Thermostat is malfunctioning. It should be replaced. It is found, usually, at the engine end of the top radiator hose. Two bolts hold in place. A new one us about 7 or 8 dollars. I rate it as an easy fix. Good luck.

Make sure the engine is completely cool. Disconnect the hose at the water pump. Allow as much coolant as possible to drain out into a sealable container for proper disposal. Remove the hose from the radiator. If the hose is being stubborn in removal, carefully slit the hose around the fittings and peel it off. Replace with new hose and new clamps. Refill radiator with coolant. Allow engine to run for a couple of minutes to make sure there is plenty of coolant in the system. Add more if needed.

1 gallon of full streangth should be plenty, butch

'water system' I assume you mean the engine cooling system. It is straight forward but there are several steps and things to consider/be prepared for......Get the Haynes manual for Citroen Saxo. Read the section for changing the engine coolant thoroughly so you know about all the steps before you start. Assemble the consumables you will need, remember that engine coolant can damage paint, and make up a temporary coolant reservoir out of an old plastic bottle.... A container to catch the old coolant is useful, a hose pipe/water for flushing system is useful, decent coolant is useful (you get what you pay for), plenty of time is useful (some of the pipes you have to disconnect may take some shifting), and finally with all due respect, some DIY skills/aptitude are essential for the fiddly bits. Otherwise you will end up with air locks and overheating of the engine and require an extensive paint touch up

Yes there are plenty of V6 diesel engines.

You should always provide plenty of ventilation for your computer.If you push it against a wall it's likely to overheat.

Low coolant level? Bad thermostat - not closing to allow engine temperature to rise to operating range? Heater core plugged? Heater core airbound? Water pump not circulating coolant? Heater control valve not working? Selector switch not working? Defective radiator cap?

It is one of two things: Level of coolant in radiator/overflow or the level of windshield wiper fluid. ---------- Low coolant. Check your coolant level as soon as possible. ~Pengauin

Plenty. Without a donor car for parts it would be a foolish and very expensive swap. Even with a donor car I would highly advise against it. Sell this car and buy one with a manual.

type "switchblade knife" in search engine and you will see plenty of places to buy.

The exhaust system and subframe will need to be removed. 12hr job easily. I've done plenty and they are NOT easy. Leave it to the pros unless you have the right tools and a lift.

Plenty of websites offer step by step guides on how to do this technique. To view a video on how to do this you can simply go to you tube and watch the video. This should give you the correct techniques on what to do.

The operation of the cooling fans may be interrupted by the ac. Check the ac fan relay and fuse. operating the ac puts a bigger draw on the engine and therefore more heat, some systems use a separate cooling fan cycling sequence when it is engaged. Does the fan run when the ac is off and temp is at operating range? Does it run when the ac is on? It should cycle much more frequently with the ac clutch engaged. First though be sure your thermostat is working, you have plenty of coolant, and a good rad cap.

Yes. If the thermostat is not staying closed long enough for the engine to warm up adequately, you will not get heated coolant into the heater core and the heater will not blow warm air. Change the thermostat for a 195 and you should get plenty of heat. It could also be as simple as not having enough coolant. worst case senerio would be a bad heater core.

The low coolant symbol indicates low coolant, but if radiator and coolant resivoir are filled ok....the sensors go bad often. This happened to me. I checked coolant in radiator for weeks and finally replaced sensor. they are poorly made!!.....Pete :-} Red always means stop. If you had an owner's manual you could look this up. As I am not a Camaro owner, I can only guess. Is it possible that this is a warning that you are over reeving the engine? I have a 1999 Camaro Z28. According to the owners manual, a red arrow pointing down signifies a low coolant level. RED ARROW POINTING DOWN SIMPLY MEANS LOW COOLANT. SOMETIMES IT DOESNT MEAN ANYTHING AND THE SENSORS ACT UP ON 93 AND 94 MODELS. Sadly, they still haven't corrected this problem by 1996 as I have a Z28 that does the same thing . Low coolant is the indicator light, but there ris plenty of coolant so the switch is bad.

The extra coolant will simply be pushed into the reservoir once the coolant heats up enough. It is also possible that (especially if there is already some fluid in the reservoir) that it will be pushed out of the reservoir unto the ground. Radiator fluid (antifreeze) is toxic to animals (it tastes sweet and so animals may be attracted to it). Please clean up or spray down with plenty of water any coolant that leaks or pours on the ground.

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