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Why would a 1996 Buick Lesabre have no heat and be running real rough and stalling?

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2005-12-06 21:16:07
2005-12-06 21:16:07

It is entirely possible your thermostat is not functioning...probably stuck in the open position. This would allow your coolant to constantly circulate and therefore never heat up. This would result in little or no heat especially when cold. It would also never allow the car to reach "operating temperature" which is probably 160-180 degrees. This would tell the computer control the wrong information....air/fuel mix, choke settings, etc....resulting in poor performance and probably poor mileage also. Replace thermostat and gasket, fill with fresh coolant in the proper mixture and see if that helps your situation...good luck! I have a 92 Lesabre and it was idling rough and sounded like it wanted to stall at times, after I changed plugs and wires. The idling problem I solved. There is a vuccuum line that runs to a canister located under the hood in front of the tire well/driver side, actually there are two lines in which one was completely missing, its about 1/4 inch 12-15 inches long, the other line is a bit larger than 1/4 and it was in place. You are probably getting poor gas mileage as a result of this missing line also.I replaced it, I work for a company that sells hoses so I got it for free. I'm sure it will be very inexpensive to buy. I also have the heating problem. I get warm air when its not cold outside from my vents and cool/cold air from the floor blower. I flushed the heater core, it was not clogged -all ok-heater hoses, coolant ,radiator hoses, thermostat, no leaks. "I think I have narrowed it down to the computer module behind the glove box or the small motor supposely connected to this module". I hope that helps you,its about to get cold, bye. the cold air from the floor vents is usually caused by a leaky vacuum tank in the engine compartment.

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