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If you start your villager and the knocking is at first but then quits its probably hla(hydrualic lash adjusters wich is normal!} if it persist it could still be the same thing but your oil pump could be lacking pressure.(but that would be more of a Kirby sewing machine sound.) other knocking and pinging noise could be your timing, or lack of fuel, maybe fuel filter, spark plugs, injecters, distributer cap, rotor,i would lean more towards timing though

AnswerHave you tried using a higher octane rated fuel? If not, try using "premium" rather than "regular" gasoline. If this doesn't help, take it in for repair. AnswerOwner Letter

October, 1996

Serial Number: 12345678901234567 96M89

Mr. John Sample 123 Main Street Anywhere, USA 12345

Ford Motor Company is providing a no-charge Service Program, Number 96M89, to owners of certain 1995 and 1996 Villagers.

Reason For This Program Ford Motor Company has learned through reports from dealers and customers and follow-up studies that engines in some Villagers may develop an abnormal engine noise. The noise is called "piston slap" and sounds like loud knocking when the engine is cold and just started. It is an annoyance sound and may go away as the engine warms.

If your Villager's engine develops the noise condition it will not cause any problem in the starting or operation of the engine. It is an annoying engine noise condition. We assure you that you can continue to drive your Villager until a service appointment can be scheduled with your dealer at your convenience.

What We Will Do Ford is providing additional warranty coverage for this condition only. If your Villager's engine should experience this condition, your dealer will verify the condition according to the instructions provided by Ford and, if necessary, replace the engine at no cost to you.

The no charge coverage for this condition is available for 7-years from the vehicle's warranty start date or for 100,000 miles of service, whichever comes first and is automatically transferred to all subsequent owners at no charge. This coverage extends the warranty more than twice the length of the original coverage. All other engine or vehicle concerns have the bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage (3 years/36,000 miles, whichever comes first).

Limited Supply Of Parts Currently there is a shortage of parts for this service, but we are working diligently to resolve the shortage. Ford requests your patience and understanding should your Villager's engine experience this noise condition and parts are not immediately available to perform the repair.

What You Should Do PLEASE KEEP THIS LETTER. If your Villager should exhibit the condition described above within the 7 years or 100,000 miles warranty extension, contact your dealer. Show the dealer this letter. The dealer will replace your Villager's engine after verification of the condition. If you should lose this letter, your dealer will still honor the provisions of this engine noise condition warranty extension.

Changed Address Or Sold The Villager Please fill out the enclosed prepaid postcard and mail it to us if you have changed your address or sold the Villager.

We are taking this action as part of our ongoing efforts to maintain owner confidence in our products. We hope this program will confirm your continued satisfaction with your Ford-built product.

My 1994 Mercury Villager doesv that too. but over the last year it has been getting worse and im almost positive its the oil pump because i can hear the oil pump making clicking noises. then again the engine does have 229,000 on it. still running strong though! their pretty good engines as long as you take good care of them...

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Q: Why would a 1996 Mercury Villager LS start knocking and pinging every time you start it?
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Test timing belt 93 mercury villager?

There is no way to 'test' a timing belt. On your 1993, Mercury suggests it be replaced every 64K miles.

What would cause a knocking sound when turning corners in my 99 Mercury Villager?

Could be you are low on Power Steering Fluid. My 97 Villager seems to need it every 6-7 months. My van will make noises around corners (or hard steering) even if the level is "full". I fill it to the top and all the noises go away (at least for 6-7 months).

What would cause my 1997 Mercury Villager van to die when warm?

it's more than like the distributor. I have a 94 villager mine was doing the same thing after i replaced the distributor. It took care of the problem.. been work great every since. good luck.

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In spite of what you might have heard, the engine in the Villager is NOT an interference engine, and the valves will not be damaged if the belt breaks.The above answer is not correct when it comes to the 1999 model. The 3.0 L V6 in the 1993 to 1998 Villager is not an interference engine but, the 3.3 L V6 found in your 1999 Mercury Villager is definately an interference engine. If the belt breaks on the 3.3 L you will have engine damage. Replace the belt every 105,000 milesI do not believe you are correct. These engines differ only in bore, the stroke is the same. I have it directly from the man who was engineering liaison with Nissan on the Villager platform. Ford specified that this engine could not be interference. My own testing implies that this is not an interference engine.After some more research I am unsure and you may be right. It seems Ford may have redesigned the 3.3 L Nissan engine in the 1999 Villager so it would not be an interference engine. But Gates website lists it as an interference engine in it's newest application guide. So my recommendation is to not take any chances and just replace it every 105,000 miles.

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