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It may be out of oil, check your engine over for any damage and has it been in for a service lately.

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Why would a Ford Escort 1.6Lx stall when it first starts until it warms up?

cold start switch on the side of or on top of the throttle body.

Why would a 1994 Ford Escort stall after 40 seconds at idle?

Some of the reasons your Escort would stall after 40 seconds at idle are: 1. Vacuum leak. 2. Plugged fuel filter. 3. Leaking EGR. 4. Plugged PCV valve 5. Air filter clogged. 6. Fuel pump below capacity. 7. Leaking head gasket. 8. Camshaft lobes worn 9. Idle Air Control (IAC) valve.

Why would a 1997 Ford Taurus 3.0 V6 stall when stopping and start of with a jerk after a few seconds?

Check tha idle speed control solonoid.

Why would your 1989 ford escort run perfect for a while then stall?

first thing i would check, is that the choke is turning off completely

What would cause a 2001 KIA Rio to stall when the RPM's hit 1000?

Maybe a throttle positioning sensor? Is it hard to start? Does it start then stall?

What would cause a 94 Ford Escort to stall when returning to idle after driving with AC on?

My 94 escort was doing the same thing. I replaced the throttle valve assembly and that seems to have done the trick. Hopefully that helps you out.

Why does your escort stall when turning corners?

probably so you do not go too fast and flip over. that would be a good thing to look up in the manual.

What would cause a vehicle to stall when running the ac?

AC runs on the battery. If the car is off and you run the AC, then start the car, it will stall.

On a 1999 Chrysler sebring would the egr valve cause the car not to start?

Start and stall out, possibly. Not start at all, not likely.

Why would a Infiinty Qx4 start stuttering and stall?

Contaminated fuel.Fuel pump failure.

Why would my 1993 escort stall after I start the engine even in neutral?

After changing the throttle control sensor and air flow control valve and cleaning the spark plugs the car does not stall, but sounds very bad like it is about to. Also i can rev the card, but as soon as i try and pull away, the revs die and the gas pedal does nothing? Please help

In physics is there a negative time?

Absolutely! If an object has been already traveling for 30 seconds. If you start your watch at 30 seconds, then t = 0 at 30 seconds! The velocity of the object 3 seconds BEFORE you start the watch would then be t = -3 and 3 seconds after you start the watch would be t = 3.

Why does a 2000 dts stall but start in neutral?

The vehicle would stall when put in gear would be the fuel pump. The fuel pump is very weak which would explain why in neutral the vehicle starts if it gear it would have to have more gas.

Why does a 1993 Mazda MP3 Van start and then stall?

Mine would start for about 5 seconds and then die, repeatedly. It turned out to be the mass airflow sensor. Another time, it would run for about 20 minutes then die. I would wait about 10 minutes and then it would start and run for a while longer, then die again. I had water in the gas tank and when it got sucked up to the fuel filter, it would die. Then after awhile it would settle and I could start the car again.

Why would a car sputter and stall and then not start again?

FUEL PUMP IS YOUR PROBLEM {why do you think its the fuel pump?}

What would cause a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee to start stall and then restart?

usually the factory alarm

Why does my F 250 stall after a couple of minutes after you start it?

If it is the 7.3L diesel .I would check the crank sensor.

What would cause a 95 Chevy caprice classic to stall lose power not start?

a vac leak

Why would my 95 mercury mystique start up and run at the normal idle speed for a few seconds then drop really low and stall out it also does this while driving?

Your air conditioning system is failing. It puts stress on the belt as it tries to kick in.

Can a bad starter cause the car to stall while driving?

No. A bad starter would cause the car not to start.

Would an old fuel filter cause your car to stall out then start but die again when you put on the gas?


What would make your escort start very rough in wet weather?

Replace the spark plug wires, that would be my first guess.

How do you start your car after it stall in water if it is a stick?

DON'T!! Dry the engine out first. If you try and start an engine full of water you will blow it. After it is dry, start it like you normally would.

Why would a 1996 Dodge Stratus with a 2.4L to stall out after it runs for 15 minutes and won't start until it cools down and then stall out again after 15 minutes?

cam position sensor has failed

Why would a car stall and then when try to restart it seems that there is now pawer but after a few hours it will start and stall again after 5 to 10 min?

crank sensor is bad... when it gets warmed up... it'll send bad data to the spark device and will stall out

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