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When you replaced the "stat" did you put it in the proper way? This is a one-way valve. Is your radiator good? Does your water pump work?

Due to possible heat core problem. Does it run hot temperatures, up to 107 degrees, when stopped for extended period of time? Does it leak water & anti freeze on drivers side? Are u constantly having to fill with water? Remember to keep radiator filled and carry a bottle of water for emergency use.

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How do you know if your thermostat is bad?

If your engine is overheating and has no obvious leaks then suspect the thermostat. Of course you can remove it and check it, but the best thing to do is just replace it if it is suspect. It should be replaced every time you service the cooling system. when you turn your heater on the it wont blow hot air

Why is my car overheating?

its a 96 caprice already changed the thermostate fans are working Do you have an obvious leak,making the engine short of coolant? If no obvious leaks,the first place to look is the thermostat,these frequently fail shut,so restricting the coolant flow. You don't say what sort of car it is,or if this happens only in traffic (radiator fan not running) or just driving along,thermostat,blocked radiator,cylinder head gasket. Modern cars must have good quality antifreeze mixed to recommendation for good cooling and anti-corrosion.

How do you tell if your water pump is bad on Chevy 350?

The most obvious symtom would be overheating of the engine.

What position should the thermostat be pointing?

The spring should be towards the motor. A very few are not round and have to be in the correct position which is obvious. As long as the plate in the middle of the thermostat is round, it can be in any position.

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99 Cad Seville STS northstar 100000 miles is overheating replaced all obvious water pump thermo fan relays fan sensor rad cap What else can it be?

It's possible the engine is plugged with sludge and needs to be flushed. You might consider having the radiator "boiled" at the same time. One more thing, a common mistake, make sure the new thermostat is not in backwards. I have the same problem except for my rad fans not kicking on till 237 degrees. I have changed the coolant temp sensor all fan relays and thermostat. most signs point to head gasket.

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P reg corsa overheating?

Answercould be several things,blocking radiator,cylinder head gasket,coolant low due to leaks etc.If no obvious leaks best thing to start with is the thermostat which may be sticking shut.As the thermostat access requires cambelt removal on some corsas,its best to combine the thermo job with a belt change. I just had this problem.It turned out to be the cooling fan radiator sensor.Located bottom left on the rad.Phew,£15 sorted it for the part .easy to get at from underneath.Note each model is different so have your full details when ordering.

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Where is the thermostat located on a 1997 Dodge Neon 2.0 liter?

Top Left, There is an obvious heater hose running straight towrds it from the bottom left, it's a flat silver square.

Why does my 2002 Ford Explorer overheating?

It might be your thermostat is stuck, radiator plugged, low coolant, leak, failed water pump, water pump fins have corroded away (happens when you don't change the coolant often or when you use water from a hose) or even something as simple as the radiator cap. Your best bet is check for an obvious leak first, in my experience I've found there bad about leaking from the lower thermostat housing. Pressure test cooling system and radiator cap. The water pump is a bit hard to diagnose but if you put a voltmeter lead one to ground and the other inside where the coolant is and if you see a reading above .5volts DC the coolant is too corrosive and should be flushed out and replaced. If your not to car savvy take it to your trusted local ASE certified master tech and let him diagnose and fix the overheating issue.

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