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Why would a 2000 Corvette not start after the battery is changed?

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i had this problem with my 2004. It has to do with the antitheft system. that and shutting down when you hit 7 mph. I forgot what it said to do, but it had something to do with the key. Unfortunatly mine had half broke off in ignition and other i used to start. coulndt remove whole key, so i had to pay big buck for computer to be reset.

2007-08-23 19:28:17
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After battery has been changed why wont a 1999 dodge stratus still not start?

When this problem came up with my dodge stratus my husband found that a fuse was blown. We changed our battery and it would not start for us either. but as soon as he fixed some wiring and changed the fuse it was fine.

1987chev Corvette put in new altornator new battery yesteeeeeeeerday it started yesterday but not today whatwrong showw you diagram please?

1987 chev corvette put in new altornator and battery.started that day ,the next day it wood not start ,gave her a jump and it wood start ,but then i wood take the cabbles of the battery and it would die agien

What would cause a squealing sound at start up on 2000 corvette?

A faulty belt tensioner and/or a worn belt. A run down battery could add to it.

Why would a Chevy Corvette be hard to start?

A lot of the time Chevy used aluminum battery cables in their cars,(in particular my 1980) I was continually having starting and battery problems until I replaced the cables with copper.

Your 1999 Corvette is in semi-heated storage from November through March Do you need to occasionally start it- and how often note you have a battery tender hooked up?

It would be a very good idea to start your stored car a few times. If you have no problem starting it you would not have to charge the battery.

How do you disable the starter kill on an 1988 GMC pickup after you have changed the battery the truck was running fine before Took the battery out to charge It would not start back up?

Turns over but will not start or will not turn over? Is there a small wire at the battery, positive side that is not connected?

Renault clio wont start?

HI, I have a clio 172, i have recently had that problem with my car, what would be worth doing is actually changing the battery in the key fob, if the battery is week it will not recognise the key and therefore not start. It will crank but not fully start, I changed my battery in the key fob and started first time after!

You would like to know if you can install a steering column from a 2003 corvette conv with telescopic into a 2003 corvette z06?

Yes, the only difference is the steering ratio, which can be changed.

Your 1992 Lincoln town car would not start thought it was the battery you changed th battery and you got all your electrical back but still would not start any suggestions?

== == Having the battery disconnected will affect the on board computer, and you should also check the starter circuit, for a problem that MAY have drained the battery in th first place. You need a professional mechanic.

What would cause e battery drain on a 1978 corvette when you first start the car after letting it sit overnight and then once the car starts there is no further trouble throughout the day?

Either the battery has a dead cell which is draining it or, something is on which s drawing power.

What would cause a car not to start and if you hook up battery charger it will start?

Sounds like a short on one of the battery cells. Get the local tyre and battery shop to check the battery out

You thought your battery was bad as it would only run after boosting changed battery now car will only run as long as booster cables stay connected Any solutions?

check your altinator it may not be charging the battery or your turmials to your battery to see if they are loose then if that fails i would start thing insuffecent fuel supply I second that. Alternator problem!

Why won't my 1987 Corvette start after i have ran it but then when i let it cool down it would start?

A friend had the same problem with his 87 Corvette . His was the chip in the ignition key . Had to replace ignition switch and key , about 40 dollars for the parts .

My 1990 acura want start. it want say any thing.what's wrong?

Battery or battery cables would be the first thing I would look at.Battery or battery cables would be the first thing I would look at.

Why would a 1994 golf GTI 2.0 not start after spark plugs were changed the car is not even making a click noise to turn over?

Sounds like a dead battery.

Can you jump start a scooter battery with a car battery?

I would not I would buy a 12 volt charger and plug it in for a day

Where is the dipstick located on a 1978 Corvette?

Driver side of the engine would be a good place to start looking.

Why would your car not start if you just replaced the battery and alternator?

Check the battery cables or starter.

Why would my 2003 Ford Expedition start running bad after I Changed the Battery?

When you disconnect the battery cables to service / or change the battery , the vehicle has to relearn it's " drive cycle " so it may not idle correctly , the transmission may not shift properly etc. until everthing is " relearned "

You changed the battery in your 1991 acura legend Ls sedan and now it wont start and all it does is make clicking noises what do you do to fix this?

First check the cables going to the battery and where they connect to the battery and the body of the car and engine and to the starter if all of that is good then I would think that it may be the starter.

Can I Jump the battery in my 2005 Cadillac Deville DHS with a battery charger?

It would depend on the condition of the battery and if the battery charger has a jump start mode.

Is there a picture of the 1927 Corvette?

Since there was no 1927 Corvette the answer would be NO.

What would a loose battery cable do?

Cause a no start situation.

When a Corvette is in semi-heated storage for winter is it best to start it every 2 weeks or not start it for 4 months until March - 1999 model- Mobil-1 synthetic oil is used.?

I would start it if possible not?then at-least your not dealing with a dead battery when it comes time to take it out of storage.

Why would your 95 Monte Carlo not start but will start with a boost form the box over the battery but wont start with a boost from the batery?

is the battery dead? if not check your connections and/or for corrosion