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you probably have a coil pack assy. that is breaking down.have a place scan the computer, you should have a p0301-p0308.the last number is the cylinder that is missing.a coil pack and spark plug should fix it.

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โˆ™ 2005-01-13 10:34:12
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Q: Why would a 2000 Expedition 4wd XLT with 62K miles have a Service Engine light on and feel like it has a non-firing piston?
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What are bent engine pistons?

A bent engine piston is a reference to the piston rod. The piston cannot be bent, but the piston rod can be bent.

Piston in an engine is what class of lever?

Piston in an engine is in the first class of lever.

A device powered either by a piston engine and prop or by a jet engine?

Airplane is a device powered either by a piston engine and prop or by a jet engine.

What is clearance volume of engine?

The volume between the engine head and piston when the piston is in the head dead center piston R - is expressed in cubic inches

How do you run large engine with broken piston rings?

Running an engine with broken piston rings will cause damaging scoring in the piston chamber, and is not to be recommended.

What metal rod connects to the piston of a steam engine?


How can you use the word piston in a sentence?

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what is piston order of 3.8 amc engine

The difference between a single-acting and an opposed piston engine?

An opposed piston engine is a single-acting engine. All modern gasoline and diesel engines are single-acting. The single-acting engine receives force on one side of the piston, and relies on the engine to push the piston back the other way. On an opposed engine like a Continental or Lycoming, the piston on the other side of the engine will do the pushing. A double-acting engine, which almost always means a steam engine, receives force on both sides of the piston. Since they run horizontally, when the piston is to the right the engine will send steam to push it to the left and when it's to the left the engine will send steam to push it to the right. A slide valve decides which side of the piston the steam will go to.

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I have a 149 cc engine on my lawnmower and it has ( 1 ) piston

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What is PARTS of a piston in a petrol engine?

The piston includes the piston, rings, rod, rod bearing, and crankshaft bearing.

What does a piston do in a combustion engine?

A piston is attached to a piston rod in a combustion engine. It compresses the air in the cylinder block and that air ignites when fuel is injected into the block, giving the car power.

How do i check piston oil ring?

You have to disassemble the entire engine, remove the piston and check the rubber ring around that piston.

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How do you replace a piston on a 1995 Nissan Maxima?

Remove engine, disassemble, replace piston, re-assemble engine and install. Good times!

Number one piston on 1971 super beetle?

It's the front (front of the engine is front of the car) piston on the right side of the engine.

What do you mean by cyinder in engine?

The cylinder, is the body of the engine that has been bored out in order to place a piston inside of it. The piston rides inside the cylinder.

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Top dead center on an engine is defined as when the piston is farthest from the crankshaft. Bottom dead center is when the piston is closest to the crankshaft on the engine.

Where is piston rings located in engine?

The piston rings are fitted round the piston to make a better gas-tight fit in the cylinder.

How does a piston moves downward in d suction operation in a 4stroke engine?

The piston is moved by the connecting rod which in turn is moved by the crankshaft. It is only on the power stroke that the piston moves the connecting rod, crankshaft and all the rest of the engine, in all the other strokes the engine, crankshaft and connecting rod move the piston.

Why piston is horizontal in some engine?

To reduce the verticle height of the engine.

What is the difference between a Gas turbine engine ignition system and a piston engine ignition system?

Main difference is that in a gas turbine, combustion is continuous. In a piston engine, combustion is pulsed.

What Parts in an engine?

piston pin, piston rings, side bearings, connecting rod bearings

What would cause low compression on a single piston engine?

The piston rings may be worn out .