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Why would a 95 Saturn start with a jerk when put into drive?

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Answered 2004-09-18 08:48:09

Posssibly the idle is too high. TAke the idle solonoid off of the throtle body and clean it.

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Why would a 2004 Ford Freestar jerk when you drive in reverse?

I would check and see if you have a transmission or PCM problem.

Why do your car start when your trac light light is on im in park when you go to drive your car jerk and go dead?


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What would cause your transmission to jerk when going from neutral to drive in my 200 Pontiac grand am?

Idle speed too high.

Why would a car jerk when you first start it up and when stopping?

What kind of car is is? When it jerk while shutting off, do you turn the key off and it sits there chugging for a second before stopping?

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Why would a 97 Mercury Villager run good until it gets warm and start to jerk?

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What would cause a 1994 Ford Escort Wagon to jerk when trying to drive at a steady speed?

It is most likely your HT leads or coil pack.

When theirs a small evop leak would it cause your car to jerk?

a small evap leak would not cause your car to jerk.

What would cause a car to jerk when turning into a parking space sounding like metal to metal?

If you have a front-wheel-drive car, the first thing I would check would be the Constant Velocity (CV) joints.

What happens when you shift from drive to reverse with out stopping?

car will jerk forward and then go in reverse

1994 Cadillac Deville and when you drive down the road it seems to lose power and start to jerk We have no codes on the computer and it has been into the shop and they can't find anything?

check for sticky brake calibers

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Why would a 2004 vw Beetle turbo jerk hard as the gear changes when you start to drive with 73000 miles?

Needs a new transmission. Same thing happened to my '05. Hope it's still got some kind of warranty. It's an expensive fix. $5,000+.

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What would cause a 1997 Saturn to jerk when going up hilss.?

Typically when the engine misfires it will feel like jerking. Find out why the engine is misfiring; run a computer diagnostic test and the computer should reveal the answer.

Why would a 1998 Pontiac Grand Am drive all the way down a flat road on its own without someone touching the gas in Drive or Reverse?

well hmm i know what is if it does this ok when you start it does the motor race at all? or does it when you put it into dr or RV jerk into gear ??? my answer would be 1 of two things your idle is set to high or your linkage may be sticking so check that first thanks

Why would the transmission jerk going from park to drive?

The idle is set too high, the accelerator linkage is sticking, or your foot is on the accelerator. Most likely one of the first two.

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Would an automatic transmission car jerk when shifting after having had a transmission flush?

would an automatic transmission car jerk when shifting after having had a transmission flush

Why would a 1997 Ford Taurus 3.0 V6 stall when stopping and start of with a jerk after a few seconds?

Check tha idle speed control solonoid.

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