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On any wireless connection you can often experience a loss of quality and therefore speed, particulally with high powered uses, like gaming or video streaming, where lost packets are more noticeable (web Surfing should probably not be effected). This gets worse as you move further from the router and as the signal has to travel through thick walls. Also, if your router is on or near a large metal surface, eg a radiator, it could help to move it further away. Generally wires offer more consistent and generally faster connections, balanced of course by the convenience of wireless networking.


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Such configuration is called a bridge. From my experience I know that if you have two identical wireless routers it's possible to set a working bridge. If you have different routers of different brands it's matter of luck. In order for you to use bridge configuration your router should support it. You can check in the manual or in the router's settings.

The wired or wireless means of connecting to the Internet is called a(n) ________ connection.

via wireless connection means that if you have a wireless routier you can connect to a lot of people over the world 'by wireless connection' which you can find in jubilife city, this place is how to connect. it is called the global trade station.

I just called Best Buy and they told me the Netgear Wireless-N 300 Router (WNR2000) would work perfectly.

it's called the wi-fi connection, it's used on many Nintendo games

wireless modem is called that because it has a wirelss router built in. wireless router just a wireless router. if your cable is not wireless you can buy a wireless router or a cable modem with wireless router

Yes ... it's called Wi-fi, or a wireless connection using a wireless router perhaps.

there is a software called Cain and Abelits help 2 hack any kind of network connection(lan...wireless..etc.,)

One example is that one of my laptops can wirelessly go on the internet through my router in another room. My desktop computer is wired to the router using an ethernet cable - so is not a wireless connection. It two devices can talk to each other, yet there is not a cable connecting them, then that is an example of a wireless (commonly called wifi) connection.

You can turn wired connection in wireless. If you want to turn wireless connection in wired you will need a particular router for that. The only configuration I know capable of such thing is so called "bridge". Bridge allows to to extend signal, and because almost all routers have LAN switch built-in it technically converts a wireless signal in wired as well as wireless.

Through a network. One example of a hardwired connection is called an Ethernet connection. Data can also be transferred through a wireless network by the use of a wireless router.

Technically, wireless Internet is satellite and cellular Internet. You're probably thinking of extending your cable and DSL connection around your home with wireless. You need a wireless access point in order to use your Xbox wireless adapter. However, there is an alternative to wireless called powerline. This technolgoy works really well. I have this myself. You can use powerline so you can use your wired jack on the back of your Xbox and simplify the setup. Check this out:

what? there is no way to wire up a psp to a windows xp computer for internet! its called a wireless router!

You have to have a Wireless internet connection at your house, or otherwise called wi-fi. Then you turn on the ad hoc switch on your psp and your in.

Wireless room or wireless "shack" in ship's parlance; sometimes called the "Marconi Room" after the inventor of wireless communication.

Usually all of them do. But not all of them have so called "print server". So if you don't use a print server everything should work. You want to use the print server option you have to configure it properly. It's already another question.

Expensive models give you a better range, but your wireless card has to replaced to. There is an easier way, you can purchase what is called a wireless extender. It allows cover longer distances without a need to purchase another router.

The feature you are referring to is called Internet Connection Sharing, or ICS for short. This allows a computer with a direct connection to the internet to "share" that connection with other computers on a network. There are many ways to accomplish this, and it depends on your network setup. You can share a connection via a wired or wireless network connection (the LAN portion, or Local Area Network). For information on ICS, see the related links.

This device is called a wireless access point.

This feature is called remote connectivity, which is done via a wirless connection. All you need to set this up is a playstation 3 and the psp. Set up a wireless connection on your ps3 using the information from your psp's network settings then return to the psp and choose the connection you just created.

Wireless connection has no dependence on wired connections. It's something about the wireless router which are trying to connect to. It it's not your router it's possible that the owner is running so called "black list" or "white list". The "white list" allows to connect only certain users while bans everybody else. "Black list" bans only certain kind of people while allows to connect everybody else. If the router belongs to you check router settings.

Yes, you do not need a wireless access point to make computers in your house communicate with each other without wires. You can set up a so called ad-hoc wireless network. Ad-hoc network are frequently used to connect wireless enabled laptops to share files, folders etc. It is less common to share an internet connection via an ad-hoc network. Alternatively, you can set up 1 laptop to act as a wireless access point. Connect the laptop with a networkcable to the contraption you received from the company that connects you to the internet. Enable your wireless. Under control panel, look for these 2 active networks, right click and select bridge connection.

there is a wireless one called the blitzbox air dou

if you have a wireless connection with the newest update your iPod touch should have an app that is used on iPhone which is called imessage you must have phone a phone number or email address to use

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