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The answers to this are many and varied. But let's start with the basics...

Firstly, is the drive, DVD compatible? A standard CD drive will not play DVDs. A DVD drive will however play both.

If it is a DVD compatible drive, will it fail to play any DVD, or is it just one particular disk? If only one disk, then that disk is either damaged or faulty or of the wrong region (see below).

If it won't play a DVD at all, then suspect either a faulty drive and/or hardware. If they're okay, then the installation of the drivers and supporting software maybe at fault. Uninstall the software/drivers etc., remove the drive and re-install again.

Finally, is it the right region? Some DVD drives are multi-regional, which means they will play DVDs from other regions (countries).

Others are multi-regional, but only for the first few transitions: you are allowed to play disks from different regions for up to 4 or 5 region changes. On the 4th (or 5th) region change, that disks region will be set as the region for the drive - permanently! A pointless feature, in my opinion.

The regions are as follows...

0 All regions 1 United States, Canada and US territories 2 Europe, South Africa, Middle East, Japan 3 South-East and East Asia 4 Central America, Mexico, S. America, Caribbean, Australia, N.Z., Pacific Isl. 5 Rusland, former Soviet Union, North Korea, India, Africa 6 China 7 Reserved (not active) 8 International territory (ships, planes etc)

AnswerWhere the answer states: "If only one disk [won't play], then that disk is either damaged or faulty or of the wrong region (see below)", I'd like to point out that there is another reason not mentioned in that list -- the programming of the DVD can prevent it being played on various computer DVD drives. Sometimes the drive will not even "see" the disc because of this. AnswerWith the advent of copy protections for DVDs, there are an increasing number of production firms that are specifically coding discs so that they will not play in a computer. These firms instead are offering "digital versions" that can be purchased for a premium. Disney and its subsidiaries are at the forefront of this movement.
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Q: Why would a DVD not play on your computer?
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How do you get your DVD player to play DVDs on your computer?

Insert the DVD into the DVD drive of your computer if you have one.

What is the difference between a DVD and a data DVD?

In short, Data DVD only can be played in computer, and DVD can be played on both DVD play and computer.

Can you play DVD Videos on your Computer?

Only if it has a DVD reader.

Would like to play DVD in computer for which you need software which can downloaded freelyonline?


Can you play a DVD or Blu-ray on your apple computer?

If it has a Superdirve you can play a DVD but not a Blu-ray.

How do you play a DVD on your computer?

If your computer has a CD drive, but the video into it and it should start playing automatically or something pops out to ask if you want to play the DVD.

Why will a DVD play on your computer but not on your Xbox 360?

A DVD will play on the computer because the computers are made to play DVD's. The Xbox 360 will not play DVD's because they are made to only play BluRay discs.

Can I play a European DVD on a North American computer?

Most computer DVD players are not region specific. Therefore, most DVDs will play on most computers. There are six DVD regions in the world.

How can you play movie without turning on the computer?

Nope, you have to have the computer on to play movies. Unless you have a DVD player.

Can't you install something so that you will beable to play your DVD in your computer without going to buy a DvD player to be put in your computer?

To play DVDs using the Player in XP, you must have a DVD-ROM drive and a software or hardware DVD decoder installed on your computer. By default, Windows does not include a DVD decoder.

How can someone know if a computer will play a DVD?

Most PCs have dell DVD players.

How can you tell if your computer is DVD compatible?

Open the CD player. Insert a DVD & play.

How do you run Gran Turismo 4 PlayStation 2 DVD in a computer?

You can't or else everyone would be buying PlayStation games to play on the computer.

Can you play PS2 games with CD rom no DVD rom?

In order to use a computer to play PS2 games it would need a DVD drive for the PS2 discs and a emulator program with PS2 bios

Are there any cd players that can double as dvd players if hooked up to a computer or to a vga monitor?

Any dvd player will play audio cd's.So any device that would do this would be called a dvd player and not a cd player.

Can a notebook laptop play a DVD?

A computers DVD/CD Rom can play both DVD's and Cd's as well as computer programs

How do you play DVDs on a computer?

If you computer has a DVD player and the software just inset it into the player.

What does a disk drive do in a computer?

it is a space where you put the dvd or cd to play on the computer or laptop

How can you burn DVD and play them on DVD player?

You need to have: a computer, some blank DVD roms (you can get them in most shops) and a disk burning program for your computer. With your DVD roms and DVD of choice at the ready you simply have to follow what the program tells you to do.

4 different DVD players in my house will not play burned disks but they will play on the computer?

You have to convert your video to DVD format (VOB or MPEG-2) at first, and add the DVD menu to it, otherwise it cannot play on regular DVD player.

Can you buy a DVD player that will also duplicate DVDs?

No. A DVD player only plays DVD's. In order to duplicate DVD's you would need a DVD recorder or computer software. A DVD recorder may also play DVDs. no, you can't!

Can you play HD DVD on a computer?

sometimes it all depends whether you're computer is compatible

What happens when you insert a Playstation 2 game into a computer DVD ROM?

It will not play, but it does not break your computer

Can you hook up a DVD player to your computer?

I think no as there is a DVD ROM drive which will play DVD's so what is the point.

Which are better memory card or DVD sony camcorders?

This would be decided by your own personal preference. With a memory card you would be able to take it wherever you go and have access to the video with most computers. While the DVD might have a better quality, you would have to have a computer with a DVD drive to play it.