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The question is: "Why would a Ford Ranger's brakes lock up under normal braking conditions?"

Not wanting to be too general but at least trying to help I would suggest looking under the back end, and specifically at the rear backing plates and to the insides of the rear wheels, to see if you notice any fluids dripping. If these are drum brakes, then you could very well have either a wheel cylinder leaking brake fluid, causing the brake shoe linings to swell up, or it could be a leaking axle seal, allowing differential gear lube out, which will also cause the linings to swell, and minor braking will cause that particular side to lock up.

If this vehicle has rear disk brakes, or was just recently changed from rear drum brakes to rear disk brakes, it is possible that the proportioning valve in the brake line was not changed to match with the disk setup.

Drum brakes operate at approximately ten pounds per square inch pressure (10 PSI) whereas disk units operate at a lower pressure of about 2 PSI.

Just some things to look at. Some brake fluids have no smell, others are very distinctive in odor, and differential gear lube has a very distinct odor...not hard to miss once you've smelled it.


It can also be caused if you use the parking brake rarely - Sometimes the cables and springs involved with this mechanism will rust and cause the brakes to stay partially engaged, causing the rear brakes to apply before the front brakes. The best way to check this - remove the rear wheels and drums, and follow the path where the parking brake cable enters the brake. This goes to a lever with a spring return mechanism - if the spring is stretched, the brake is at least partially on - use gentle taps with a hammer to force it to release. Also check the other side.

A suggestion:

A suggestion is to checking and bleeding both sides of the front brakes. The rear

lockup of the brake pads of my ranger with 30K miles made me think the ABS was bad, but when I changed out the brake fluid with NAPA dot 3, I found my Front discs, which had never been open to air since new, had a lot of air. Just a thought that the braking system made the rear brakes jump harder into the drums, when the system sensed that the front brakes where needing help.

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Q: Why would a Ford Ranger rear brakes lock up under normal braking?
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Why would a Oldsmobile Achieva rear brakes lock up under normal braking?

There are two reasons for this. The first is the break calibers need bled and the second is the breaks themselves need adjusted back.

How SBC is different from ABS?

SBC (as Mercedies Sensortronic) Does not use Hydrolic presure provided from the driver to apply the brakes it instead uses a pump and valves to apply normal braking ABS is (straight through) under normal driving. this means when you press the pedal you create the hydrolic presure that directly applies the brakes such as in a conventional system. But when you brake hard and enter lock up condition a ecu controls valves and a pump that isolate the pedal from the brakes to control wheel slip. This is why in some cars the pedal pulsates when the abs is preventing lockup. Under ABS ECU fault condition normal braking is maintained but wheel lockup will not be prevented

What is the cause of squealing brakes under soft braking?

Wornb brake pads. You are hearing the warning device that is telling you to replace the pads.

What causes the abs system to activate under normal braking conditions?

If the brake pedal goes down lower than normal, it will activate the ABS system. Check the fluid and for leaks. Also if there is a bad ABS sensor or brakes need adjustment or replacement, it will activate it also.

How do you adjust rear drum brakes on a 99 ranger?

Through the rubber plug on the back straight under the axle.

What is the advantages and disadvantages of disc brake with drum brake?

It depends on the vehicle and how hard you'll be braking! Basically drum brakes are quite old fashioned and can 'lock' under hard braking or if they get wet. This can cause the wheel in question to skid! Most new vehicles these days unless they are very cheap (usually motorbikes) come with disk brakes. They won't lock if they get wet or under hard braking. Also disk brakes can have an extra feature called ABS - or Anti-lock Braking System - what this means is that when you press the brake pedal the brakes automatically turn on and off a hundred times a second or so - actually allowing you to steer. Very good. Nearly all cars and many motorbikes come with this feature as standard or an option.

Why do the brakes lock on a lightly loaded truck with a particular brake pressure than a heavier one?

The brakes are designed to handle that truck at the loaded weight - when under that weight, a bit more finesse needs to be used when braking.

Is it normal for the brakes on a 2004 XJ8 to make an audible noise when the car comes to a stop?

NO! Take it back to the dealer, it is under warranty.

How do you tighten brakes on the Murray lawn tractor?

Follow the brake connection bar under the frame to the brake system. Get someone to put the brakes on and off while you learn how they make a braking action.There should be an adjustment nut to tighten the pressure. you may even need new brake pads.

Converting mechanical energy into heat energy is accomplished by the cooling?

Mechanical energy can create thermal energy by doing work on a substance, such as compressing a gas, or by friction as in brakes on a vehicle, which get very hot under braking.

What mileage does the timing belt on a 1995 Ford Ranger need to be changed?

For the 2.3L 4 cylinder, under normal driving conditions, 60K

What would be making a poping sound when you turn or hit the brakes real hard?

Anti lock system maybe If this is a front wheel drive vehicle you may have a cracked axle,,,,,causing the popping noise when turned and under hard braking.

What causes a car to squeal mostly while turning right and going straight also squeals louder when braking as well?

There may be damage or misalignment in the front brakes if this is where the sound is coming from. If it is from more generally under the hood, this can be the power steering.

2.9 Ford Ranger has no power when under load?

A 2.9 Ford Ranger NEVER has much power, but if it's lower than normal, try running a computer diag scan to see if the computer has picked up something.

Can a 1996 Chevy Astro AWD tow a single axle trailer that weighs 2100lbs without trailer brakes?

Your towing capacity is a combination of vehicle weight and stopping power. The Astro's can handle approx 2500 without question, up to 5K depending on models. Your owners manual has full info. Pre-2003 Astro's have relatively weak braking systems for their weight. In 2003, bigger brakes and dynamic front-rear brake proportioning were added. Thus, your older astro cannot increase rear braking force when additional weight is transfered to the rear axle from your trailer. 2,100lbs without brakes is okay, but I wouldn't do it everyday. Anything over 4,000lbs with good brakes behind the astro will push the rear end around in an unfriendly manner under hard braking and during quick maneuvers.

Pedal vibration with advance trac with rsc on 2006 ford explorer?

When the system is active this is normal due to the braking system being applied to a spinning wheel or a wheel that in under or over steering.

If the front end of your car is shaking when you stop does that mean you need a new transmission?

My first guess would be the front end alignment and possibly the brakes. During braking, you engine and transmission are not under a load so they should not cause any vibration.

How do you fix rear brakes locking up Toyota hilux?

Check the LPV (Load proportioning valve), if fitted. It controls the amount of rear vs front braking under "heavy" loads, if faulty it will cause rear lock up. Another thing to check is that front brakes have been bled, and the front brake circuit is working at all.

What should not do if front wheel blow out?

Try to keep driving. Cry Call yourfriends Kill someone Run around Be having fun Celebrate My versionDo not:Move the steering wheel quicklySlam on the brakes.In fact until you are sure you are steering safely no brakes at allOnce the car is under control gentle braking and moving out of traffic is next.

Bleeding 1992 corvette abs braking system Under heavy braking antilock braking system light comes on and stays on until car restarted?

You should use this link: to read the ABS codes.

Who makes Ranger model 103 over and under shotgun?

Take it to a gunsmith for proper identification. Marlin made a Ranger model 103 over and under. Sears Ranger 103 O/U was the Marlin Model 90 O/U. Sears sold them under the Ranger name prior to WWII and as the JC Higgins after WWII.

How can a person tell if there is abs brakes?

Abs dash light, Abs rings on the cv axles or wheel hubs, hydraulic actuator between the master cylinder and calipers/cylinders. Under extreme braking the pedal should pulsate not to be confused with rotors run out. Hope that helps out.

What does it mean when you press the brakes and the wheel shakes and making a sharp turn you hear a grinding noise?

Wheel shaking under braking can be caused by a warped rotor. A grinding noise when you turn can be a bad wheel bearing or worn brake pads. Either way you need to have your brakes and wheel bearings inspected immediately. This can be very dangerous. Any decent mechanic can find the problem and repair it.

What makes a car jerk?

This could be the cause if an improper alignment if it happens under normal straight line driving. If the jerk is more prevalent when going on bumpy roads, it may be a sign of bad shocks or springs. If the jerk is occurring during braking situations, the problem may be related to the bearings being worn or warped discs/drums in the braking system.

What is a black box under dash of Holden Vl commodore with switch and red light connected to brakes?

Trailer brakes.