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Q: Why would a Hausa man from Ghana would want to marry a American women?
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Why do Ghana men want to marry American women?

because these Ghana men may find these American women attractive and love them. i hope you are not questioning the intentions of these innocent men. there is a lot of cross-cultural and interracial marriages in modern times --was uncommon in the old days.

Why do women in Ghana want to marry men from America?

So that they can move from Ghana to America Ghana is not exactly the best place to live especially if you are a woman that is not wealthy.

How do you marry American women?

First met her love her by heart if she agree then marry

How do Ghanaian women meet American men?

American men meet these women when the military stations them in Ghana. Then most of the time they will get married in Ghana, then fly to the United States when the soldiers return home.

Women were able to obtain the most power in?


Do Asia men marry African American women?

A man from Asia is technically aloud to Mary a African American women.

Where were women able to obtain the most power?

C. hausa

How many females are in Ghana?

How many women and little girls are in Ghana?

Did many American soldiers marry french women after or during ww2?


Is there any problem if Indian marry to American women?

no because every body should have the right to marry who ever they want to .

Why did white men marry Native American women?

White men married native american women beacouse tjey wAnted the natives to be there slaves

How often do muslim men marry american women?

Many Muslim men marry with Muslim and/or Christian/Jewish women especially if they are originally from the same home country.

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