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I replaced my Hayward Super Pump about 5 years ago, as it was doing the same thing. Basically, the bearings were shot on it. The bearings are the parts of the motor that spin and allow the impeller - the part that draws the water in - to work. Before you kiss it good bye, turn off the electric and remove the pump. Bring it to an electric motor repair shop (look in yellow pages) to have them look at it. They'll be able to confirm what is probably wrong with it. You didn't say how old it was or the conditions of its use - indoor, outdoor. Mine was over 15 years old when it died - it really didn't owe me anything. My liner just died this spring. The pool was built in 1982. Good luck! It seems like the start capicator (the lone round black thing under the rear cover) or start switch (in the very middle of the rear of the motor under the cover) is bad. This has happened to me on several occasions. Make sure that the motor is turned off. Take a pliers and see if you can turn the shaft of the motor by hand. Alternately, remove the strainer housing and then the 6-screws holding the pump housing to give you access to the impeller. Try turning the impeller by hand. If it is difficult to turn at first, continuing to turn it back and forth. This may free it enough for it to work properly when re-assembled. I usually have to do this at the beginning of each season. Also, remove any debris that you might find around the impeller. The debris can prevent the shaft from moving as well. There are circular vents that reach into the central area. You can clean these out with a wire. Here's a helpful video: Purchased a new Hayward Super Pump II last season, and I was operating with the jumper switch set to 230V instead of 115V. The pump worked most of the time even with this mistake. Sometimes, howver when shutting down to backwash, I couldn't restart and got the hum. It's all good now :)

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Q: Why would a Hayward pool pump hum for about 25 seconds after it is switched on but not pump water?
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