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the reason why the toilet makes noise when you turn water on is because all the water lines are conected so when you turn on water the toilet gets affected and the water that goes down a drain goes to the water pipe.

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Q: What would cause a toilet to make noise every time you turn on water in your house?
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When the toilets are flushed we hear a high pitched noise until the tank fills what would cause this?

Excessive velocity (FPS) on every toilet there is a globe pattern valve to THROTTLE to slow the volume and get rid of the noise

What can cause gurgling noise from the shower drain when flushing the toilet?

There is a blockage in the pipe between the two.

Why is there a noise after you flush a toilet?

That is usually the cistern refilling

How does alcohol affects the body?

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How do you pee secretly?

pee on the side of the toilet to reduce noise

What can Cause a delayed loud noise in upstairs wall after flushing downstairs toilet?

Hydraulic shock from quick closing valves and can cause piping to rupture Hydraulic shock from quick closing valves and can cause piping to rupture

Why can a gurgling noise be heard from outside the house every time the toilet is flushed?

In order for water to flow down a pipe, there must be a vent to allow the air to escape. Above a toilet, on the roof, there is usually a pipe or a vent hood, which is connected to the drain pipe. When the toilet is flushed, the sound of water draining can be heard issuing from this vent. In addition to the above answer, the air rushing through the water may be the cause of the gurgling sound, which is the air escaping through the vent to prevent the build up of air pressure inside your water system.

What is the humming noise within the toilet system?

Bad fil valve

Why does the bathtub drain make a noise when you flush the toilet?

Poor venting

Why has the toilet started making a noise when flushed?

A toilet may be making noise if parts are wearing out or a problem exists in the plumbing. It may be a good idea to contact a plumber to see if there is a bigger problem.

Why would a toilet suddenly make a loud bubbling noise and drain for no apparent reason?

Toilet bubbling and draining the bowl = Mainline stoppage. Could be just the one bathroom that toilet is in, or the whole house. If all the toilets bubble, especially when you use a sink or tub in the same bathroom, it's the whole house. If just the one bubbles, it's just that bathroom, but you may have to pull the toilet to clear the line.

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