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Why would a betta have a puffy stomach?

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It's because it is sick or pregnant if it is pregnant that means your going to have babies in a couple of months and in that time you should take care of your betta fish but if she or he is sick you should put some medicine in that tank so your betta fish won't die!

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How can you tell if a betta is going to have a baby?

The betta will have a swollen stomach.

Why is upper part of stomach on left side puffy?

it is puffy because thwere is somthing badly wrong with you

Why does a Betta fish has like a air pocket on his underside?

The "air pocket" on the underside of the Betta fish is actually it's stomach.

When are Betta fish ready to breed?

an white spot will appear on her stomach

How can you tell a girl betta has babies?

you can tell from the in larged stomach or belly

What is the meaning of a betta fish tattoo?

A betta fish tatto would be a tattoo of a betta fish.

How does the female betta look when pregnant?

big around the stomach just like a human!

How do you kill a betta fish?

why would you want to kill a betta D:

How much does a betta eat?

A betta eats a few pellets or a pinch of flakes 3 times a day. It is best to use only food designed for a betta. Also keep in mind that a betta's stomach is the size of his/her eye.

Can you feed your Betta cereal?

I would say no. Just feed him/her normal Betta food.

How do you use puffy in a sentence?

I have puffy eyes. Or: My eyes are puffy.

What is the white spot on your Betta?

might be ick What I heard was that the white spot on the beta's stomach means that is a female.

Will a biodegradable packing peanut weigh more when it's puffy or flattened?

Obviously, it would weigh more when it is puffy. There is air in the little pocket things and the air weighs something! There is no remarkable difference, but yeah the puffy one would weigh more.

How do you save my betta fish if it is floating on its side?

It's Very simple, the reason your betta is on it's side is because it has this sickness called swim blatter disorder it is a sickness where the fish's stomach is bloated so the air bubble in the stomach is to big and makes the fish float up to the top of the tank. The betta is not in pane I heard from this but it is defiantly annoyed. It happens usually in young bettas that eat to much brine shrimp so check if the food your giving it contains any. If your betta however is a two finned betta its probably because your feeding it too much

What fish can harm my beloved Betta fish?

Well, if you love your Betta fish, then it should live by itself. But if you add another Betta to your current Betta fish's tank, then they will start a fight because Betta Fish are Siamese fighting fish and if one Betta is in contact of another Betta, the possible reason would be a fight between them two.

How can you tell if your female betta is pregnant?

They get a fat stomach.. also they are not as active and their hunger increases greatly.. therefore .. they are pregnant..

How do you pick a healthy betta fish to buy?

i would suggest picking a Betta that is swimming around in their container, not a Betta fish that is at the bottom of the container looking bored

Betta fish lays on side at top of tank?

i have the same problem with my Betta fish and i have herd that it means your fish is overfed. my fish also has a bloated stomach which means its overfed. i dont know what to do though

Do betta fish live in the wild?

Yes, betta fish originated in the wild. The fish you would find in the wild, however, probably wouldn't be what you would expect. since betta fish were domesticated there has been a lot of selective breeding by betta keepers to make them as colorful and showy as they are today.

Why would a female betta attack a male betta?

its most atracted hormon thts why attacking the mele beta

Can a betta fish eat tetra fish food?

i think it would be better just to buy betta food

Can Platy fish live with betta fish?

no it would fight till death because betta fish are aggressive

How do you know when a female Betta has eggs in her stomach?

When a female beta is ready to breed she develops a horizontal line the length of her body.

Can a baby Oscar and a betta be kept together?

A betta is best as a solitary fish and it would be better to remove it from your main tank and give it a small tank to itself. You can buy very inexpensive betta tank kits for one betta.

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