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He might like dancing. He might like her. I'm a guy and I don't dance, and I don't mind my girlfriend dancing. I might not like it if she went out with just her ex, but I'd trust her. It also depends what sort of friends the boyfriend is with the ex.

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Why does an ex-boyfriend that is married want to sleep with his exgirlfriend?

cause hes horny and he doesnt get some at home!

Why the the boyfriend doesnt want to tell exgirlfriend's name to his girlfriend?

He is probably just afraid that his exgirlfriend would get jellous and do some thing to his girlfriend, if she found out who his new girlfriend is.

My exgirlfriend has a boyfriend but i still love her and i want her back what can i say to her to make her want me too?

There is nothing you can say that will guarantee your ex girlfriend will take you back. She has a new boyfriend and may be totally over you.

Is Luigi Daisy's boyfriend?

yes, proof ,you would want play mario kart wii on daisy circuit and it will show you luigi and dasisy dancing together

How do you tell your mom you want a boyfriend and only 14?

I don't know, I guess you would say, 'mum, I want a boyfriend.'

What do i get my boyfriend when im in Italy?

If i was your boyfriend, i have no idea what i would want from you while u were in Italy

How would you get your exgirlfriend back even though she has a boyfriend?

I think the best way is to maybe try to talk to her; get closer to her. Once you're friends, may I suggest you try to wait for her to see what she does? If you really want her back, I don't think it will work, but, make her jealous. I really do not think it would work, however. I hope the relationship goes well!

How do you ignore your boyfriend?

Well why would you want to ignore him?

What if you want to break up with your boyfriend but you really like him?

i dont understand why you would want to break up with your boyfriend if you really like him.

Why would your exgirlfriend send you a picture of her?

She is most likely trying to get u to want her back. It is also not unusual for them to send u nude pics u can expose her for money too

Why would an ex boyfriend suddenly want to be your friend?

because they miss you and want to stay with you

Should you get your boyfriend a phiten?

Yes! He would love it cause my boyfriend did ( he is manly he didn't want choclates)

What would Henry viii want his wives hobbies to be?

singing dancing writting

Does tony want to be Selena boyfriend?

Your mom would know.

How can i get my boyfriend to breakup with me?

Why would you want your boyfriend to dump you?

What should you do when your exboyfriend and boyfriend are friends but your ex has told you he still has feelings for you If you told your ex you don't have feelings for him should you tell your bf?

Quick answer...yes. Just put yourself in his shoes. If you and his exgirlfriend were best friends and she made advances on him, wouldn't you want to know?

After 3 months of dating he says you can call him anytime that he likes it and that he wants to love you and hug you does this mean you're his girlfriend?

That would be a mutual agreement both of you would have to decide together. Do you want to be his girlfriend, and does he want you to be his girlfriend; does he want to be your boyfriend, and do you want him to be your boyfriend?

How do you know if your boyfriend is using you to get closer to your Bff which is his ex crush?

If he seems interested and keeps asking if you and your friend could hang out together then that means he likes your friend not you, what boyfriend would want to be with you AND your friend?? A real boyfriend that likes you would want to be alone with you, he wouldn't want to be with your friends or even his friends.

How do you get your friend to break up with her boyfriend?

You cannot get someone to break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend, they will do it if and when they are ready. why would you want her to break up with her boyfriend anyway?

How can you bieberize your boyfriend?

I don't think that your boyfriend would be too happy about being "Beiberized" that's probably the last thing that they would want to happen to them!

Is Zac Efron your boyfriend?

No, but evry body would want to be his girlfriend

What if your ex boyfriend doesnt want to be friends?

If your ex boyfriend does not want to be friends with you then don't be friends with him. Why would anyone want to be friends with someone that doesn't want to be friends with them. Just let them do what they want to do, and don't let it interfere with your life.

Do any one want to be my boyfriend?


What would say if your boyfriend say what you wanna do?

Why do you want to know what someone ELSE wants? Tell him what YOU want to do!

Should you be friends with the exgirlfriend when it hurts to see her?

Maybe not now, but there will come a time after you have truly gotten over her that friendship will be possible if you want it.