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could be a leaking oilpan .the wind blows the smoke away while driving and when you slow down it goes away leaving the smell.

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Q: Why would a car smell like burnt oil only when exiting the highway?
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Cause its burnt.

How would you describe the smell of burnt rubber?


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Why would my 2001 Ford Focus smell like burning oil after a quick stop?

If you locked your wheels and slid, you burnt your tires and that will smell like burnt oil, since they ARE petroleum products.

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Why would transmission fluid turn brown?

Brown fluid = burnt fluid (either dark brown or black in color) . In the early stages of slipping, a burnt smell will be the first noticeable indication.

Why would your radio stop working and also can smell burnt wires in a 1994 ford ranger?

There is a short in your wiring somewhere to your radio. I would check it out. Or get it checked.

Why would your 89 jeep Cherokee go in reverse and not forward?

That is almost always an indication of a failed transmission. Check the fluid for a burnt smell.

How do you know if a diesel engine is burning oil it has been smoking since I had the oil changed the smoke is white but smells like burnt fuel?

The main part of diesel fuel is kerosene, which produces thick black smoke, and gives that smell that is commonly associated with diesel. most likely if it is white smoke, it is antifreeze, if it has a blue tint to it, it is oil. the smell of burnt diesel is rather strong so it could cancel the burnt oil smell, or on the other hand it could be coolant, because burned coolant doesn't have a strong smell. I would check your coolant and oil levels, and check your coolant for having oil in it.

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What causes a burning smell from a car engine?

Many things can cause a burning smell under the hood of your car, if the smell is accompanied by smoke you are most likely looking at a fluid leak dripping onto something hot and burning off. If it smells sweet this would be a sign of a coolant leak. A ozone type smell would most likely be caused by a burnt clutch (standard transmission) or brakes hanging up and staying applied. burnt clutch smell would be expected if you have a new driver learning to drive a stick. An exhaust leak would smell, well, quite frankly like exhaust which is a dangerous gas to be inhaling (CO2, CO, etc). either way if your car is smelling funky you should really have a professional auto technician check it out to prevent damage to your health, the environment or future damage to your vehicle.

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Why would my 2001 Ford Focus smell like burning oil after a quick stop?

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