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Here is advice: * Change your fuel filter. * Whoever said that last statement or answer or whatever it is is completely false, there is something called cold cranking amps on a battery, that is the power output that the battery has when starting an engine, a fuel filter has NOTHING to do with it. the higher cold cranking amps, the better. * I don't see anything about a poor cranking problem, but more of a poor combustion problem. I would be suspicious of lack of maintenance that has developed into a bigger problem as a pure guess. Or, since it is when it is cold, it may have worn rings allowing oil to seap into the cylinders causing a poor combustion, but blue smoke would be present if this was the case when it was started. Feul may be bleeding back down into the tank as well causing a delay in starting. Really need more info. * Try this: Turn your key to the ignition "on" position for 5 seconds, then try cranking the car. If this improves things, your fuel pump pressure valve (the valve that keeps your fuel system pressurized when the car is turned off) is not functioning properly.

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Q: Why would a car take 10 seconds to start and cough when cold?
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