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Q: Why would a clutch would make a creaking sound as it is pressed?
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What would cause a whining sound when you press in your clutch?

A worn out clutch release bearing would cause a whining sound when you put your foot on the clutch.

What is wrong when a clutch pedal is half pressed and at the same time the accelerator is pressed?

if I understand the question you asked correctly, I would say you are in need of a clutch but it might need adjustment but not likely.

What would cause stick shift to jam when car is on and clutch pressed but shift fine when car is off without stepping on clutch?

sounds like clutch needs adjustment or time to replace it

Why doesnt a manual transmission go into neutral when the clutch pedal is fully pressed?

Probably do to a bad pressure plate and or clutch plate. I would first check linkage adjustment and slave cylinder before changing clutch.

What would cause a 2001 Toyota Echo to die when parked and when the ac button is pressed or make a loud sound while driving when the ac button is pressed?

Compressor/clutch is about to go bad, if has a serpentine belt when it does no driving the car, better get it checked while car can drive, oh ya stop using AC till its checked.

When you push the clutch in on your 99 ford mustang you can feel a grinding and there is a loud screeching sound?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but I believe that would be a throwout / release bearing problem on your clutch

What would cause a roaring sound when the ac is on in a 1999 Ford Explorer?

Could be clutch cooling fan engaging

Why would the brake light come on when the clutch is pressed on a 2001 Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI?

the ratchet on the brakelight switch needs pulling out a couple of clicks mine was the same.

What would make a squeel with belt off and motor running?

A worn belt can make a squealing sound with the motor running. A seized clutch can also make this sound.

Why would your 1994 ranger make a grinding and clanking sound and not move when you let out the clutch no matter which gear it's in even neutral?

needs new clutch pressure plate and throw out bearing

What would cause your clutch slave cylinder to click when you depress and release the clutch 2005 wrangler x?

I'm not quite sure how youare hearing that if you are pressing the pedal, more likely the click is the clutch switch clicking that allows you to start the vehicle, if it truly is the slave cylinder, down on the bellhousing making the click sound it could be loose, or making a clicking sound as it connects with the clutch lever.

Why would your car make a loud whining noise that disappears when you press the clutch?

It would sound like the throw out bearing is bad.. That is usually replaced with the clutch and pressure plate. The throw out bearing applies pressure to the pressure plate and releases the clutch disc. When not applied, the bearing spins freely, and a noise would indicate a dry bearing.

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