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If you are losing disk space constantly for no good reason, then you have a old type virus that a simple anti-virus scan will detect and remove Music and Video can chew up memory like nobody's business. Those files should be sorted through and non-used files deleted. The next big culprit is how your computer is saving files. If you haven't run a disk defragmenter before, now is the time. On a Window's based operating system, select Start Menu > Search > Files and Folders > type in "defrag". Then, when you see "Disk Defrafmenter" appear in the search terms, select it. Click on the "Analyze Disk" feature and in a minute you'll have a picture of how messy your disk drive is. Likely, your computer will reccommend that you proceed with the Defragmentation and you should start this process. The whole process should take 30-90 minutes. Upon completion, you should see a vast improvement in performance!

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Where can one find information about their computer's hard drive space?

Hard drive space, is frequently located in "my computer" and can easily tell you have much space you have used, and the amount of space that you have left. Simply click on "my computer", and choose the drive that you wish to look at. If you already have done this and would like to know how to clean up some of the space to widen your capacity, you may want to do a system restore, and a disk defragment, to compress some of the widely spread data eating up your space. The bottom line is, you'll want to check the "my computer" file visible by simply clicking the icon on your computer.

Which upgrade has the most impact on the computer?

It depends on what specific aspect of the computer are you looking to change... If you're wanting to make the computer faster than I would suggest simply adding memory (RAM) to it. If you're looking for more storage space I would suggest simply adding hard drive space.

What is the biggest computer storage space?

If you are asking what the largest storage component in a personal computer is, that would be the hard drive. The hard drive is a non volatile storage medium. Meaning it holds its data, even when the power is turned off.

How would you compare and contrast a hard drive and a flash drive?

both save up memory on your computer but if you have a flash drive then you can carry it around and use it on other computers. but a hard drive has a lot of free space to save stuff

How do you get to the z drive on your computer?

Generally, to get to a specific drive letter, you would go to My Computer or Computer and then double-click that letter.

Is the speed of a computer measured in bits and bytes?

Bits and Bytes are terms for hard drive space. Computer speed is measured in Mhz (Megahertz, Slowest) and Ghz (Gigahertz, Fastest). Say if you have a 500Mhz computer, and a 2.6Ghz computer. the 2.6Ghz computer would be much faster.

How much would it cost to add a Blu-ray drive to your computer?

how much would it cost to add a Blu Ray drive to my computer?

What will happen if free space is deleted off your computer?

The only reason you could lose space is corruption in the Master File Table, and the only fix is to reformat your disk you can't delete space from your hard drive unless you replace it with a smaller one. If you are asking about what happens if you choose to "wipe" or "delete" the free space, that just means that the free space is overwritten. You would overwrite unallocated space for privacy and confidentiality reasons. Since that is free space, no harm would occur if it were overwritten. Now, if you have an SSD drive, then you'd do better to Trim the drive, since that would reformat any previously used but unallocated blocks without adding unnecessary wear to the drive.

What should you do if your computer is seriously slowing down because you store many photos on your hard drive?

You could burn the photos to a disc, or copy them to an external drive such as a USB drive or an external hard drive, and then delete the photos from your computer. And if your computer is still slow, you can use a tool like CCleaner to help clean up your computer and make it faster. It seems unlikely that too many photos would slow down your computer unless they took up all the hard drive space, check for malware/viruses.

What is a major drive to a computer?

That would be your hard drive since it holds your operating system.

Is 2.0 gb good for a home computer to download songs I have kids that want to download mp3's and I am afraid they will use up all the hard drive to quikly. We have not downloaded anything yet and are at 70%?

2.0 Gigabytes of Hard Drive space is pretty small for a home computer. I would suggest upgrading to a larger Hard Drive when a single song can be around 5-10 megabytes of space.

Is it possible for a computer to have 100GB?

For hard drive space, it is not only possible, but is the norm for today's computers. Desktop computers do not have the physical space for the sticks of RAM that would be required for 100 GB's worth. Many servers do, however.

If you only have 9 percent space free on your C Drive is there anyway you can free up space if you have already tried using disk defragmenter disk cleanup up and add or remove files?

well, first off disk defragmenter doesn't free up any hard drive space, it does what the name implies. Just defrags the memory on your computer. The only way to free up space on your computer is with add/remove programs. You then would remove certain programs you don't use anymore. You can change the drop down box to size so you can see which programs on you computer are taking up the most space then by deleting the ones you use less frequently you will free up hard drive space i.e C:\ see related links for a program which lets you see what is taking up space on your hard drive.

Where to Buy the Best Laptop Computer System?

You may be wondering where the best laptop computer system is sold. In order to find out where it is sold, you have to find out what the best computer would be for you. This means evaluating how much memory and hard drive space you think that you are going to need.

How long would it take to drive to Saturn?

you cant drive in space quite a while (try a rocket)

Your computer broke down how do you get everything back?

If you can, open up your computer and take the hard drive out. I would then take it to a computer store and have them transfer the data (If possible) to another hard drive.

The hard drive is not included. This is just an enclosure. Once you add a drive and plug it into a USB port, It would show up under my computer as a drive letter.?

The hard drive is not included. This is just an enclosure. Once you add a drive and plug it into a USB port, It would show up under my computer as a drive letter.

What are the advantages of an external hard drive?

The advantages of an external hard drive are that you have a separate place to store your information other than your computer. The reason why this is so important is because if you computer was destroyed (somehow), chucked out a window, or got a virus, then you would still have your data with you in your external hard drive. In some cases, depending on how much damage the hard drive has taken, it is possible to recover your information from your computer by removing the hard drive of the broken computer and connecting it into another, but the problem with this is, if it was a virus infection on your computer, it would have gotten into every file and program on your computer - connecting your old hard drive with your new computer is the last thing you would ever want to do.

What are two types of saving in a computer.?

If you are asking about some sort of storage, you have MEMORY and STORAGE SPACE. Memory (RAM) temporarily sores data for current use. A CD/DVD or Hard drive would be some sort of storage space.

What do you need in a new computer?

It all depends on what you are going to use it for. If you are going to use it for gaming, then you would probably want a computer with a fairly big hard drive. Also a fairly good ram. If you just want it for everyday, basic, office type uses you would want a good processor and lots of hard drive space. Ask me on my message board if you want information on a computer to do different things.

Is the monitor considered the brain of the computer?

No it is not, the closest relation to a brain in the computer would be the Hard Drive and the CPU

If you watch a DVD on your laptop do you use up memory space?

Your computer will load some of the disc into the RAM in order to play the DVD without stuttering. this is perfectly normal. The computer should not be putting much data onto the hard drive when you watch a movie, and the only reason that I can think of that it would be putting data onto the hard drive would be the page file.

How do you see how much memory is left on your computer?

It would depend on what kind of memory you are talking about.If you are talking about Hard Drive Space:On a Windows XP Machine** Open up My Computer Right click the drive in questionClick PropertiesYou will be presented with a graphical representation of how much space is remainingOn a Windows Vista Machine** Open up Computer Look for the drive in questionThere should be a little bar below the hard drive. This represents how much space you have left. The drive should have information about how many gigabytes is remaining, depending on your configurationOn a Apple Computer running Mac OS X Leopard** "Get Info" method *** Go to your desktop Right click or long-click on the hard drive in questionClick "Get Info"You will be presented with information, including remaining space, about your hard driveFinder method*** Open a finder window, such as applications The remaining hard drive space should be at the bottom of the windowIf you are talking about RAM (Random Access Memory):On a Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 Machine** Open the Start Menu Right click My ComputerClick PropertiesThe RAM will be displayed in the windowOn a Apple Computer running Mac OS X** Click the Apple menuClick About This MacYour RAM is represented under Memory

Which area of the computer is impervious to computer viruses?

Computer viruses only affect the memory of your computer. Say you get a virus and your computer will not let you open programs. You would need to get a new hard drive or wipe all data from the hard drive, and then reinstall programs.

How do you put files on a flashdrive?

You would put files onto a flash-drive just like you would any other drive. When you plug in a flash-drive it shows up as a removable hard disk & is assigned a drive letter. Open up "my computer" or "computer" depending on what program your computer is using and look for a drive E:; F:; G:; or the bran name of your flash-drive. Example: Lexar . Once you have opened up the file, you simply drag the file(s) you want from your computer onto the flash-drive, you can also copy the file you want from your computer and paste it onto your flash-drive.

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