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because she has left over weight from having her babies so she cant eat until the weight goes away

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Is dog food bad for puppies?

Standard dog food would be difficult for puppies to eat and digest but it is not 'bad' for them in the sense that it is poison.

Will the dog eat her puppies?

DEFINITELY NOT. Well, that would actually depend on the circumstances. A well civilized dog with a nice home and owner, would definitely NOT eat her puppies. But a unhealthy, flea infested, rib showing, starving dog who just had puppies on the street MIGHT, just might, eat her puppies. But most likely the mother would scavenge for other food to keep her AND her pups alive.

Why would a female dog eat another dog's puppies?

Probaly because she does not want another dog's puppies to eat,bully,or kill her own.

Why do the mother eat her puppies when they are born?

Mother dogs do not normally eat their puppies when they are born. If a mother dog does eat her puppy, it is usually because the dog had died.

What do puppies eat at the movies?

Dog food!

Do dogs eat puppies from another dog?

no they mate with another dog

Why does a female dog eat her puppies poop?


Why do dogs eat their puppies?

I have had dogs my whole life with many being bred, and have never seen a dog eat her puppies.

What would eat puppies?

If the some of the puppies are stillborn, the mother may eat any them. If there are no stillborns, nothing will eat the puppies. ~

Dog behavior why do they eat tissues?

My opinion would be that they just are hyper puppies. As they get older they relax mroe.

What do sheep dog puppies eat?

i think they eat/drink their mom's milk

Dog eating pups why?

It is common for a dog to eat the placenta of the puppies after she gives birth. On rare occasions, a dog will eat her puppies when they die or right before death because she instinctively knows that there is something wrong.

Do Chinese people eat puppies?

no they do a dog lover

When can puppies eat hard dog food?

about 9 months

When can puppies eat adult dog food?

uh...when their an adult

Why would puppies eat other puppies?

because they were hungry?

How do you know when your dog is about to deliver her puppies?

Usually the first sign is she will not eat. She will start to nest a couple of days before hand. The day of labor she can shake, pace around and refuse food for sure.

What will stop a mom dog from eating her puppies?

Well it really isn't possible for a mom dog to eat her puppies but a way is to keep them in separate cages.

Why does a mother dog eat her puppies pee and poop?

so that the puppies wont eat and get sick.But this will only happen when the pups are very little as they get older and mature the mom wont eat her puppies poop and pee

Why would a mother dog eat her puppies?

AnswerIn some cases the mother dog will eat her pups if they are either sick or if her maternal instinct tells her they won't do well. This helps insure the "survival of the fittest."

If a dog eats her puppies will she do it again?

a dog will only eat her puppies if she feels like she is not ready for puppies after the first one you should be fine but still keep an eye on them for the first few days

What do dogs and puppies eat?

dog and puppy food available at your local store they usually have a specific type for puppies

How long does it take for the puppies to eat dog food?

it depends on how hungry they are.

When can puppies eat on their own?

they never will they need you to pour the dog food for them

Can puppies eat dog food?

Yes, but it depends on what type of puppy you have.