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My guess would be a faulty temp senser Fuel injection systems have contstant fuel pressure all the time the ultimate end of the line for the fuel system is the injector nozzle, This is were the system is sealed. when a fuel injector is in the closed position it is like turning off a valve nothing should be passed through the fuel injectors and the pressure in your fuel rails should not fall off very much all day or night or for several days. An injector that has contamination will fail to properly seal this allows the fuel to continue to spray, drizzle, or drain into the engines cylinders when the vehicle is shut off it will begin releasing the pressure from the whole fuel system into your engine. this produces the flooding and hard start cycle, and it is more evident when the vehicle is restarted only from being shut down for 2-10 minutes to get a coffie or do a short errand. The leaking fuel has not had time to evaporate and will cause the engine to flood out. fooding remedy, check your fuel system to see if it is holding the proper fuel pump pressure, and if it is not then you probably have fuel injectors leaking down, This is the best place I have found to purchase fuel injectors from. they sell them ready to install very reasonable and mine are still working perfect in my vehicle today.

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Q: Why would a fuel injection system flood itself out?
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