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I am assuming you thought your friend was a boy all the time and now you are mad as hell to find out he's a she. You answered your own question. Your friend is still your friend, but they cared about you so much they didn't want to risk losing you. Some people can be cruel about such things, and, it's tough to come out and say, "Oh by the way Jim, I'm actually a girl (or a guy)." How does one explain that? If you can answer that from your heart and answer it honestly, then good for you, because I can understand where this person is coming from and I can understand why they would keep this a secret. If you were friends, then be friends (nothing has changed as far as the personality of that person) and quit worrying about what your friends would think. Stand strong and stand by your friends whether they be gay or not. Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-10-03 17:48:26
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Q: Why would a girl tell lies to his friend who seems to be a boy?
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What do you do when your friend lies to you and you know she did?

What I would do, because I'm a girl, I would ask her why. I would also not be her friend if she lies again.

Why would a girl substitute the first name of Harry Potter with the name of her crush which she was also doing to her friend who was embarrassed about the way she was dressed?

The answer lies within you.

Should i be firends with my bestie if the lies to me?

You should stay clear of any person who lies to you. If they were a friend, they would not lie to you.

What do you do when your girl friend lies to you about something you care about?

The question is what you do not what she does. You erased my answer. This is annoying. Tell her you would like her to go on the Maury Povich Show and take a lie detector test.

What do you do if you asked this girl out you have known for ever like 10 years and she says she cant go out yet then your so called best friend asks her out and she says ok your friend?

Easy you talk to her and ask her why she said she couldn't to you but then yes to your friend. if she lies, ask your friend wwhy he would do that

In the Diary of Anne Frank what is tha name of the girl who had been Anne's best friend but who is now friendlier with another girl?

Lies Goosens

How would you know if your boyfriend was cheating on you?

get a friend to follow him a cople of times, then call him on his cell, ask him where he is if he lies to his whereabouts then youll know somthings up.... Well,he would probably be with another girl when you saw him.

Is it ok to ask a girl out if her friend asked you first?

that answer lies in the eyes of your friend. if they asked them first then you must ask them if it is ok with them or else it could ruin your friendship.

What if a girl lies about little things?

Lies are Lies. Big Or Small.

What do you do when your best friend hooks up with your ex when she told you she would never do that and then lies to you about it?

Maybe it is time to find a new best friend.

Why do girl lies about cheating?

because they are afraid of what the boys could/would potentionally do to them

Your girlfriend is mad at you for lying to her how should you apologize?

if you love the girl you shouldn't lie to her ever. but if its just like a high school girl friend thing then if i was you i would tell her you did it and your sorry and you hope she can forgive you. everyone lies sometimes even if its just telling a girl she isn't getting fat when she is.

What do you do if your friend says lies about you to a guy you like?

someone who tells lies about you to anyone at all is not your friend, it's that simple :-)

What do i do if a girl lies about liking you?

Move on. If she would lie about that she's not worth time or worry.

What does it mean when your friend lies about the guy you like just to hurt you?

That girl is not your friend. In fact, that is so mean. yea well my crush saw me write i ♥ Bruce in my notebook what should i do?

When a guy lies for a girl does it mean he likes her?

Sometimes. Just sometimes. If they're good friends and probably. And sometimes he can just lie for her as a friend.

What should you do if your best friend lies a lot?

If your best friend lies to you a lot, then stop talking to him/or her and make *New* friends that do not lie to you.

What is anne Frank's best friend lies last name?

Lies Goosens

What if a friend lies to you all the time?

it will broke my heart and i will never be him or her friend.

When your friend wants to be like your other friend and she lies about it what do you do?

You don't have to do anything about it.

Should you continue your friendship with a girl if she is spreading rumors about you and another girl?

Is this a trick question? Well NO WAY, how can anyone spread lies about a 'so-called' friend and still expect to remain friends? I think you need to reassess your friendship, as this girl doesn't seem as though she is very nice. Friends are supposed to support each other. Find yourself a friend that will be a friend

What if you your friend likes the same guy and your friend lies and say that are dating but the boy says opposite?

It seems as though your friend is saying things so that you won't date him or the boy is lying. It is hard to tell so the best thing you could do is to have them together and confront them both and see what the truth is then. Either way remember that you can keep a friend longer than you can ever keep a boyfriend but it is always best to know who your true friends are and not have the ones with lies and negativity around.

Of what does Anne say Lies is a symbol?

friend ship

How can you help your depressed guy friend when he lies and he ignores you?

he's not worth trying to help when he ignores and lies to you

How can you find that your girl lies to you?

Her lips move.