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Yes, often times a woman will cheat on her boyfriend and husband and although the percentage is high she is having sex with her new partner, there are some girls that can leave their partner and not be seeing another man. It's truly amazing that people don't communicate more about such serious issues as sex in the relationship. Perhaps if you had both communicated better things wouldn't have gotten to this point. These modern times seem to produce a high percentage of couples that think things should come easy and they shouldn't have to work on any problems. Well, they're wrong! In almost every aspect of our lives we have to work hard to keep things together. Communication is the only way to succeed at this. Sometimes people just get bored in their relationship or, some people can't have a monogamous relationship and need to be petted and preened and told how wonderful they are (it's exhausting to be with someone like this.) If they don't get this from their new partner they will just move on again. It's all rather sad. Humans can get bored fairly quickly, so it takes all your life to try and keep a good relationship going. It's doesn't necessarily mean you don't love that person, but the human body and mind go through many moods and hormone changes and who's to say if the person that has drifted apart is right or wrong. The cheap part about it all is if they cheat behind their partner's back. Believe me, it will come back to haunt them. Once you cheat on someone then it's hard to trust someone else for fear they will give you a taste of your own medicine. You didn't say if you had split-up for good so if you haven't try talking to her and ask her what is wrong with your relationship. If she doesn't care to give you an answer then consider yourself lucky you got rid of her when you did. Trust me, it's harder on you after you get married and can also be an expensive adventure in divorce court.

2006-08-14 09:44:48
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Q: Why would a girlfriend begin cheating on her boyfriend if he had talked to her about how unusual it was that they rarely had sex?
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