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He may feel that he doesn't need to tell you since he is showing you he loves you..

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Q: Why would a man in a mutually giving and seemingly loving relationship not be ready to say he loves you after eight months when you and his kids get along great unless he still has feelings for his ex?
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Can a friends wiith benefits love you after three years into the relationship?

If no feelings of love have developed after three years then it seems unlikely that they ever will. But don't lose hope! Before giving up, maybe you should let him/her know that you might want a real loving relationship and see how they feel about it. Maybe they have feelings but were unsure of what you wanted.

What is giving human feelings and actions to objects known as?

that is called personafication!

What does it mean when your boyfriend said that he wanted some time apart?

'Wanting time apart' or 'wanting space,' is a way of giving someone a soft breakup---your boyfriend wants to end the relationship, but he doesn't want to appear to be the bad guy or hurt your feelings. As painful as it is, he is doing the best thing for both of you--would you want him to stay with you if he no longer has the feelings for you he needs to be in a relationship? I'd suggest letting him know you consider this a breakup and ask him not to contact you for the time being, so that you can deal with your feelings and be able to move on.

What does it mean seeing where the relationship goes?

It basically means waiting and seeing what happens with the relationship in question. They could also be giving a sign that the relationship is about to end.

What is the connotative meanings of relationship?

the connotative meaning of a relationship is signifying or giving a suggestive of an associative or secondary meaning in addition to the primary meaning of the word relationship...

Does interpersonal and intrapersonal communication is a types of communication?

Sharing thoughts and feelings Listening and giving feedback

You like this girl but you don't know how to tell her?

Try giving her a card and express your feelings in that card!!!!!!

What are the characteristics of personification?

Giving a non living object living characteristics. (feelings, actions, etc)

What actions are part of the process of interpersonal communication?

sharing thoughts and feelings and listening and giving feedback

What is exemplification in an employee relationship?

Giving your customer the right amount of change.

Two examples of mutualism?

Mutualism is a relationship in which both species mutually benefit. 1. One example is a hummingbird drinking pollen. The hummingbird is fed while the flower is pollinated. 2. Humans and animals giving off carbon dioxide which is used by plants, while plants give oxygen to humans and animals is also an example.

How do you let go of someone who you have never been in a relationship with if you love them more than anything?

Loving is giving, not receiving or expecting. You can't make someone love you or want to be with you and would you want someone to be with you unless they made that choice of their own volition? Why is the reason(s) you are unable to have a relationship with this person, now or in the future? If this person doesn't reciprocate your feelings, the best thing to do is acknowledge their decision and move on with your life. It's often a lot easier to get past your feelings for the person if you have limited or no contact with the individual.

When he say he has feelings for you what does that mean?

It means he is feeling like feeling you all over, and giving you a meaningless line to make you think he is worth giving your body to. Anybody who would insult you with such drivel is not worthy of you. You might want to respond that you also have feelings for him, and they are only slightly worse than those of the flu.

How can teachers help children express their emotion and feelings?

A teacher can develop the children's emotions by giving them assignments and essays which require emotional thinking. In addition to that, the teachers can set up a daily or weekly open discussions which encourage emotional feelings. Giving the students the ability to express themselves in public.

What are the indirect warning signs of suicide?

depression speaking about suicide giving favorite things away after a depressive phase suddenly being very calm and seemingly at peace with him or herself

What if your best friend told your boyfriend that she was writing the notes that i was giving him?

This girl obviously isn't your best friend. It seems like she's trying to take credit for the relationship with your boy. If what this girl is claiming is true, then your relationship with this boy is built on false terms. You should really write your own letters with your OWN feelings to your boyfriend, and not get someone else to do it. There is the possibility that this girl likes your boyfriend, and what she wrote in the letters are actually HER feelings. If what this girl is claiming is UN-true, then ditch her. explain to your boyfriend that she was being decietful, and you hope it hasn't effected your relationship with him. My advice.. if she was lying.. ditch the b*tch. If she wasn't.. you may want to re-think your relationship with your boyfriend, and your "best friend".

Why did Drake and Nicki Minaj lie about their relationship?

because they was giving the tabloids something to talk about

What does your dream means if you dream that you left your boyfriend for an anonymous guy?

he is not giving you what you want in the relationship therefore you do not see him in your dream. write down the likes and dislikes and see what is more. if likes are more then talk to him and see what he knows about you and your feelings if you have to help him answer ............ you might think about looking for Mr. anonymous !!

How do you know when it's time to end an relationship?

if your a girl its time to end a relationship when your boyfriend dose not love and its propably because your not giving him any pussy

The impact of unintended pregnancy among unmarried ladies?

giving up the social life giving up education possible running relationship with the father and family

What word means mutually dependent?

i don't know what it means ask someone else. But advice from me, you can never trust the Internet with giving you answers because they may have the wrong answer your looking for. Like this one!

Why did he started giving you hugs wean you did not hug before and your hugs lost quite long time?

his feelings have changed toward you

What does you mutually pledge each other your lives your fortunes and your sacred honor mean?

Those who signed the knew they were committing treason and could be executed and/or have their property (fortunes) seized if the rebellion failed. Also, they could die fighting for independence. They were each pledging to the rest of the group (mutually) to this risk by giving their word (sacred honor) to stick to it, accepting the risks associated with it.

What is the symbiotic relationship between pathogen and a human?

The relationship is parasitsm. The pathogen hurts the human, giving it the disease. So the human gets hurt while the pathogen benefits.

Importance of interpersonal relationship in nursing practice?

without proper relationship between client and nurse, the cares which are giving to the client by the nurse will not be effective and we will not get particular result in doing that.