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People! this is due to low amounts of protein that you consume daily. A good idea wood be to increase the amount of protein you consume on a daily basis protein is the root of all human energy!

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Q: Why would a neck make a crunching noise when turned?
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Do snails make a noise when eating?

Yes they make a quiet crunching noise!

What sound do stick insects make when they break?

they make a crunching noise

What makes more noise when it is dead then when it is alive?

A leaf! When it is alive it doesn't make any noise, but when it is dead it make crunching noises and is loud.

Will a CV joint make a horrible grinding crunching noise in the front wheel?

It can when it has failed.It can when it has failed.

Why would your car make a rattling noise when the air conditioner is turned on?

start by checking a/c compressor.

What would make a rubbing noise on a 1994 tempo when the wheel is turned all the way only in one direction and not the other?

If this vehicle has a transaxle, the bearing can be bad and make this type of noise.

What would make the heater in a Jeep Cherokee make a very loud noise and smell like smoke when turned on?

there is a whole in the heater core

Why would an old van make a ticking noise when the van is turned off and stop when you turn on the ignition or the lights and also it will not start?

The ticking noise is the metal cooling.

How do you know if a guy is crunching on you?

The way he looks at you will make you know if he really is crunching on you.

Why would a car make a clicking noise when the key is turned but the car not turned on?

A very low (but not quite dead) battery will do that. It's the starter relay trying to work.

Will the sereptine belt make a whine noise when it starts to wear out?

The belts generally don't make a whining noise. They squeak. The whine is probably the tensioner or the alternator. Listen closely you should be able to tell where the noise is coming from. You can also take off the belt and roll each component and feel for bearing crunching.

Why does the old exterior faucet make a whining noise when turned on?

Loose washer

Why does a car air conditioner make a loud noise when first turned on?

If it's a creaking noise then it is most likely that your compressor is broken.

Why does the engine make noise when the lights are turned on?

Alternator straining to maintain battery charge?

What would cause engine to make noise when defrost is turned on?

The A/C system compressor operates when in the defrost mode. If the noise is also heard when running the A?C it is more than likely a problem with the compressor/pulley.

Would wheel bearings make a grinding noise?

Yes they can make a grinding noise, if they are bad.

What will make a 1994 Ford Explorer 4.0 V-6 not start when the key is turned it just makes a clicking noise?

A weak battery would do that

Why would strut bearing plates need to be replaced?

They can wear out and make crunching noises especially when dirt gets into them.

Do angels make noise?

Angels do not make any noise or do anything that would betray their presence. In fact, if you did not read about them in books you believe to be true, you would have no reason to think that angels exist.

What can make a 2004 jeep liberty make crunching noises over bumps?

Ten to one it's the bushings in the sway bar - I have an 06 that did that - had the bushings replaced one year ago - noise stopped for 11 months but I noticed it's back - had it back in and of course the mechanics "can't hear it" and don't want to fix it even though it is still under warranty. Crunching noise very loud over speed bumps even going under 10 mph.

Why would a 2001 buick century brakes vibrate and make noise?

The most likely problem is warped rotors. Have rotors turned or replaced. Replace front brake pads.

What would make a 2002 grand prix 6 cylinder make a rubbing noise when steeering wheel turned in either direction at slow speeds?

check the power steering pump, fluid level etc...

Why does your hot water line make a noise when water is turned on in bathroom?

Could be hydraulic shock (water hammer)

How do you make a sentnence with the word crunching?

The word 'crunching' is the present participle, present tense of the verb to crunch. The present participle of the verb also functions as an adjective and a gerund (verbal noun).Examples:I heard their footsteps crunching through the surface of the frozen snow. (verb)The cookies made a crunching sound when we bit into them. (adjective)The crunching of leaves under my feet reminded me of my youth. (noun)

What is a fact about Japanese beetles?

They make a huge crunching sound when you step on them.